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Dying for Denim : One Piece That Influences Your Whole Look

February 08, 2016

Denim, more casually known as jeans, became more of a fashion statement in the mid 20th Century within the United States; particularly among women's fashion. What began as one simple style has evolved into countless. Jeans were born not into fashion, but the work force. The evolution and influence of jeans are multi-generational. While Blue jeans were perfect for cowboys and miners alike, they also became popular with polo players, & later became celeb savvy thanks to Marilyn Monroe and the alike.  Men wore denim as durable trousers in the late 1800s for work pants. We'll speak for all women, and say, no one is complaining about the transformation of the original, sturdy, warped, indigo dyed cotton. For example, the 90's :: Who doesn't love Michelle Tanner...

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