Models Must-Have Makeup 101

Alyssa Puckett

Posted on January 19 2015

We get a lot of questions about our models asking what kind of makeup do they wear, where did they get a certain accessory or piece of clothing etc. so I decided to get with the girls and ask them their favorite makeup product or skincare product that they just can’t live without! 

I was very eager to see their favs and share with you all. 



Courtney, our warehouse manager loves a newer product called Nip + Fab Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix. This product seriously does wonders. It is a skin refining serum that blurs imperfections and minimizes the look of fine lines & wrinkles. It makes your skin feel tight & firm while prepping your skin for your makeup. 

You can put the product all over or in just the areas of your concern.

Put it on in the morning + evening after your done cleansing. Don’t forget to spread onto your neck as well! 

This product can be found at ULTA or SEPHORA in store or online and its only $19.99! 



So if your needing a quick pick-me-up make sure you stop by your local ULTA or SEPHORA! I can promise you that won’t regret it! 

"Coming from a woman who has seen so many changes in my skin in my late 20’s, this product has made my skin feel so young again" - says Courtney



Catie Beth loves her bronzer ladies! She has a gorgeous glow year round but she likes to make sure her face has a little more tint since she is in front of the camera daily. Her favorite bronzer is Too Faced | Chocolate Soleil | Medium / Deep Matte Bronzer. 



It comes in a Gold Palette and many colors of your choice. Did I mention that it smells like CHOCOLATE?! No really….it smells like chocolate! Although it is a little pricey I can promise you that it will last you a while. $30.00 is what you will pay for it. 

—— Depending on how dark you go on the bronzer its very easy to use for contouring as well. ( Just make sure you get a bronzer darker than the normal bronzer you would normally use if you are contouring with it ).



"I love this bronzer not only because its matte, but also because it gives my skin such an even and flawless look" - Catie Beth



Another one of our “Blonde Bombshells” Natalie, was very excited to share with you all her favorite beauty product that she just can’t live without! She is obsessed with her Anastasia Beverly Hills “Brow Wiz” Pencil and uses it every day! 



I personally think that shading in your brows gives expression and definition to your face while accentuating your eyes. 



This pencil is very easy to use and comes in many different colors that blend perfectly with your skin tone and hair color. (Don’t shade them too dark because that is when they start looking not so natural) 

Anastasia Beverly Hills also makes an "Eyebrow Stencil Kit" that you can buy and comes with 6 or 7 different brow shapes and sizes to use as a guide. You can use the size and shape based on your facial structure and how defined you want them to look. 



" I used to not shade in my brows, but now that I do I can see more definition in my face, my eyes pop AND I feel more confident in myself " - Nat



You can find this brow pencil at ULTA and Sephora while only spending $21.00! 


I hope the girls gave you a little help when it comes to purchasing makeup and not knowing what to buy! 

————Signing out with love————-



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