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Claire Holliday

Posted on March 21 2016

Hey Ladies! We're switching things up today and sharing our thoughts on our version of the ULTIMATE college girl guide to being healthy and feeling great. We know it's hard being away from home and dining hall food was old after the first week of being there...and don't even get us started about being on a budget. Whether you like to penny pinch or not, the reality of the situation is this: being is college is HARD. From the countless, never-ending assignments to trying to squeeze in a workout, we hope to alleviate some of that stress and provide some tips on how to maintain a balanced lifestyle at your new home away from home! :) 

The Freshman Fifteen 

The dreaded...freshman. fifteen. This is probably ever girl's biggest fear when they go off to college. You might gain the weight from your social butterfly side or even just the carb loaded cafeteria food you love to devour. Whatever the reason is, girls, if you haven't learned to appreciate a good home cooked meal by now, you definitely will soon! Here are a few tips for avoiding the freshman fifteen. For a complete list of 30, click here

Tips for Combatting the Freshman 15 


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1. Eliminate as much stress as possible: Okay, we know this one is definitely easier said than done. It's hard to keep up with every assignment, remain social, AND stay up to date on your favorite Netflix shows. But, stress can actually cause you to eat more which in turn, will pack on those extra *unwanted* pounds.

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2. Drink plenty of water: Unfortunately, water won't lose the weight for you. However, it should be a vital part of your diet because dehydration can slow your metabolism rate drastically. So, instead of reaching for the soda, indulge with refreshing water to keep your thirst quenched all day long. And when the lack of flavor starts to get to you, trying adding fruit or flavoring packets! If you're up for trying something new, check out this DIY stress relieving detox water by clicking here.

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3. Moderation over Deprivation: We've all been there. You're trying to eat healthy but the only thing on your mind is a hot brownie or that ice cream you passed up in the dining hall. The longer you fight it, the more it builds up. So what do you do? You go ahead and treat yourself. However ladies, by no means are we saying that this should be an everyday thing. Allow yourself to a "cheat treat" in moderation, key word: moderation once a week instead of keeping that craving locked away. You'll be a lot happier you did. As long as this doesn't become an everyday occurrence, you'll be fine.


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4. Take the time to enjoy your meal: Instead of stuffing your face with endless amounts of food in between classes, allow yourself enough time (at least 20 minutes) to consume your meal. We say 20 minutes because this is how long it takes for your body to recognize that you're actually full. So before reaching for that second snack or going through the line again, allow ample time for your food to digest before consuming more. 


5. Eat smart and clean: This one is a no brainer. It's no secret that the late night pizza runs aren't good for you. However, we know it might be a little unrealistic to ditch them. Help combat these extra calories by consuming more water and eating something healthy, like a salad or bowl of fruit before devouring that pizza. This way, you're stomach will fill more full and you will be less likely to eat the entire thing. The bottom line is this. In order to eat "clean" consume food with ingredients that you can actually read. That means no chemical additives ladies! When in doubt, go for things that are minimally processed. Click here to read ten tips about how you can eat clean. 

Options for the Dining Hall 

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Believe it or not--there are some healthy options in the dining halls, you've just got to look a little harder for them. Look for whole grain options (pastas, bread, etc.) We also recommend hitting the salad bar, but make sure you aren't loading up on all of the calorie filled toppings. An oil and vinegar mix is a great substitute for dressing. Just remember, portion control is key. This age-old diagram of the food plate is a great model to try and mimic when deciding what you'd like to eat!  

Grocery List 

If you're wanting to complete ditch the dining hall scene all together, hit the grocery store and pick up some of these items! For free, printable grocery lists, click here!


Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day and if you're anything like us, you can hearing your mom preaching that from all the way back home. Well, mother does know best and here are some options you can keep in your dorm room to help satisfy your morning hunger! 

We recommend stocking up on oats (whether it be oatmeal or oat cereal), you can't go wrong! And if you're looking to mix things up, try a bagel with jelly or almond butter. 

Maybe you're a dairy kind of girl, try a pre-made smoothie or greek yogurt with granola! 

Choice juice, tea, water, or coffee. If you pick coffee, avoid fattening creamers and lots of sugar. However, water is always your best bet. 

As a side, fruit such as bananas, strawberries, pineapple, or kiwi are always good options! 


After awhile sandwiches always get old. There's only so many different combinations you can try before you ready to just scrap the idea of eating bread, meat, and cheese all together. Luckily, there are a lot of options out there for you to try. 

How about pre-grilled chicken and ready brown rice? You can even mix things up by adding garbanzo beans or black beans! Pre-packaged salmon and tuna are never a bad idea either! And if it's a chilly day, you can never go wrong with a bowl of chicken noodle soup, not to mention it'll boost your immune system. 

As a side, we recommend spinach leaves and fruit! You can even add a side of whole grain pasta. 

Handy Snacks 

We know it's almost impossible to make it in between each meal without something to snack on. This will also help with portion control when it comes time to actually sit down and eat! As far as snacks go, we recommend items such as: 

1. Whole Grain Tositos and Guacamole 

2. Whole Grain Goldfish 

3. Nuts 

4. Protein Bars 

  And if you still need more convincing, check out this blog on Refinery 29 to view the 'Broke Girl's Guide to Eating Healthy' by clicking here

If you've got time and your dorm has full kitchen--UTILIZE IT to create healthy options you can store in your fridge and enjoy all week long. And lastly, if you go to a big school, ride your bike to class or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Trust me, your body will thank you later! 

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Much love, 

Your Page 6 Ladies 

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