What's In My Purse?

Claire Holliday

Posted on March 15 2016

We've all seen it--from bridal shower ice breaker games to spreads in the popular US Weekly magazine, the 'What's In Your Bag?' trend as been a guilty pleasure for many fashionistas. Whether you really interested or just concerned that you might not be up to date on the latest 'must-haves' this feature is hands-down extremely fun. 

First and foremost, purses are a staple item every woman should have. They're more than just a fashion statement, they're definitely our right hand when it comes to being prepared in all situations. Sure the outside is important but it is what's inside that really counts! In this blog, you'll see what celebs carry in their purses as well as one of Page 6's very own! 

'What's In My Purse' Celeb Style 

Source: US Weekly Magazine 

Shown above, television personality and philanthropist, Kyle Richards shared with US Weekly what was inside her luxe, Valentino bag. Among the most notable items Richards shared with the magazine were: 

1. Her mini kabbalah book: She keeps this with her for protection. Her husband, Mauricio, also keeps his book in his glove box. 

2. Nourage Hair-Care Vitamins: Richards has great hair. She notes that these vitamins they are quite heavy but she found them necessary to keep handy after giving birth to three children! 

3. Lip Gloss: Kyle keeps her glam lip gloss by Buxom nearby at all times! She loves how full they make her lips look. This product is great--especially for those of us for can't afford botox. 

Other than that, the contents of this purse resemble an everyday girl. From hair ties to bandaids--you can never go wrong with these essentials no matter how famous you are! 

'What's In My Purse' Page 6 Style 

 Our chic, stylish, and fabulous web manager, Court, opened up her bag for us and we took a peek inside! 

What's in Courtney's purse?

Courtney is the fashionista we all aspire to be so naturally, her Frye purse is stocked with all of the essentials. As you can see, she's got a variety of items for just about every situation. Here are some of our favorite picks: 

1. Poo-Pourri Spray: This one, hands, down is a MUST for every woman. Known as the "perfume for your toilet bowl" this all-natural spray will conceal the odor of your poop before you even go. You'll be able to use the bathroom without everyone else being in your business...literally! 

2. Essential Oils: Courtney L O V E S her essential oils. These Wyndmere oils have a very powerful effect on our mood and they even provide stress relieving capabilities. Court has the peppermint scent and it works great to alleviate frequent headaches. 

3. Grey Faux Fur Key Chain: This sassy accessory is the perfect addition to your keychain. You can't go wrong with letting your personality shine through with fun piece. 

4. HOBO Wallet: This beauty is a must have and the gorgeous mustard color pops during any season. This mustard colored wallet is made out of genuine leather--which means it made to last so you'll be able to carry this baby around with you for years to come! To purchase, call our Baxter store at 803.548.0559 or visit them at 936 Market Street, Fort Mill, SC 29708!

 Aside from these notable items, Court has also got her other must have essentials, such as a her iPhone, gum, pain reliever, chapstick, lotion, hand sanitizer, and of course, her Page 6 pen and nail file. Oh--and how could we forget the Tide To-Go?! 

Emergency Purse Kit

Here at Page 6, we think it's okay to carry 'everything but the kitchen sink' in your purse. You never know when you're going to need something, so we put together a list of ten items we feel no girl should leave the house without. 

1. Hand Sanitizer: No one likes to feel dirty and if you're anything like us, constantly interacting with computers, products, and people, there's a high chance you're going to come in contact with something you don't want sooner or later. Not only will whipping out the hand-sanitizer protect you from unwanted germs, it will also help protect everyone else around adios contaminos!

2. Hairbands / Bobby Pins: This one is a no brainer. We've all had those days where our hair is just simply not cooperating. Whether you got hit with that rainstorm on your lunch break or your new-do is falling in your face, we believe that you'll always be prepared no matter what life throws at you--there's nothing a hair tie or bobby pin can't fix!

3. Advil: Yet another time when wish we would've grabbed the medicine off the counter before heading out the door. You never know when a headache is going to come on and we are certain that if you did, you'd without a doubt avoid every single one of them. Unfortunately, Advil is the next best thing so make this one a purse essential girls! 

4. Compact Mirror, Hair Brush Duo: We know this one might sound so...middle school, but there was a point that 7th grade you was trying to get across. No matter how old you are, freshening up will never go out of style. Although you may no longer be trying to impress the cute boy you see everyday after 3rd period, a little mid day hair touch up is never a bad idea! Not to mention you can check your teeth and nose while you're at it!

5. Bandaids: Cuts and scrapes always happen at the worst possible times and I guarantee you, every time one has occurred, you have not had a bandaid easily accessible. Maybe you're in need of a bandaid because you wore those shoes anyways even though you could barely walk the next day last time you rocked them. Or maybe you just got the paper cut of all paper cuts. Whatever the reason is, by keeping this essential item in your purse, you're able to conceal whatever comes your way. 

6. Chapstick / Lipgloss: Ladies, you never know when you're going to need that little 'pick me up' or when the weather is going to chose to relentlessly chap your lips. Always keep chapstick or lipgloss nearby to brighten your smile and keep your lips refreshed all day long!

7. Tampon: Mother nature always comes knocking when we least except her to. But hey, I guess your monthly gift would not truly be a gift if there wasn't a little surprise factored into the equation! Some girl, somewhere will always need a tampon and if that girl just so happens to be you, well then bonus! At least you're always prepared. 

8. Mints / Gum: You knew you shouldn't have eaten that sandwich with onions for lunch or maybe it's been to long since your last meal and you've got what we call 'hunger breath.' Despite the reason, one thing will always be true: bad breath is not attractive. So combat that turn-off by ALWAYS, and we mean ALWAYS having a breath refresher handy. 

9. Roll on Perfume or Deodorant: Did you forget to apply your deodorant or spritz some of your favorite perfume before heading out the door? And of course, you remember on the way to your destination. Luckily, your handy dandy purse has got you covered. Don't sweat it (literally) and apply your smell goods. 

10. Snacks: And we are talking about the cracker that just so happened to be at the bottom of your bag. We're talking edible, filling snacks that are easily portable. For obvious reasons, having something to eat on standby is always a good one likes anyone who is hungry. A little snack will instantly alter your mood with just one bite! So ditch the 'hangry' attitude and whip out that snack bar you've been saving.

And if you've got a purse you want to fill to the brim with extra necessities, watch this video from beauty guru and fashion blogger, Bethany Mota, here

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