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Claire Holliday

Posted on April 20 2016

Hey ladies! Today we wanted to introduce you to our tanning salon, Solarium! Located in the Wedgwood Plaza right beside our Rock Hill Page 6, Solarium is definitely your go-to place for all of your tanning needs. 


Here at Solarium, we pride ourselves on keeping an extremely clean tanning salon and offering an flawless tanning experience! As piece of mind, we always clean the beds as if we are the next people to get in them. We've got 12 tanning beds as well as a mystic tanning booth! Beds 1-6 as well as 9 and 10 are all of our level one beds. Level one tanning beds offer low pressure bulbs. These bulbs are great for first time tanners or those wanting to maintain a base tan. The maximum tan time for these beds is 15 minutes. Bed number 11 is our bronzing bed. You'll leave feeling like a bronze goddess after stepping out of this level 4 bed with a maximum tan time of 15 minutes. Bed number 8 and 12 are our level two beds while bed 8 is a standup and has a maximum tan time of 12 minutes, bed 12 has a maximum time of 15 minutes. Lastly, bed 13 is our only level three bed. This baby has bronzing capabilities as well as an allowed tan time of 12 minutes. 


1735 Heckle Blvd # 109, Rock Hill, SC 29732


Monday-Thursday: 9:00 am to 8:30 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 

Sunday: 1 pm to 4 pm

{Monthly Specials APRIL}

1 Year Tanning Level 1 Beds: $199.99 

3 Month Tanning Level 1 Beds: $99.99 

1 Month Level 1 Beds: $42.00 

1 Month Student Level 1 Beds: $35.00 

1 Month Standup Package: $64.99 

1 Month All Levels Unlimited: $89.99 

Single Visit Level 1 Bed: $5.00 

Single Visit Standup Bed: $7.99 

Single Visit 600 (#12): $9.99 

Single Visit Avantgarde: $14.99 

Single Visit Bronzer (#11): $19.99 

As always, on Thursday's and Friday's, you can enjoy half off on all upgrade beds if you have a regular level one package! 

Products we L O V E <3 

Deviously Black Tanning Lotion 

Source: Tanning Supply Company 

If you haven't tried the Deviously Black Tanning Lotion, you haven't tried tanning lotion. Not only is this bottle a best-seller in our salon but tanning salons across the country! This product sells SO well because its a great dark bronzer...and those are hard to come by! 45x ruthlessly dark bronzer has color enhancers that help you get darker faster and keep your color longer. This lotion also provides a little tingle in the tanning bed but it is widely considered a bronzer moreso than anything else. Hemp seed oil to help condition, firm, and moisturize the skin! The consistency is not too thick and it has a tropical breeze with mint berry scent :) 

Hempz Lotion

Source: Pinterest 

Here at Solarium, we LOVE the Hempz Lotion as a great product to apply after you tan. Hempz lotion contains all natural ingredients such as hemp seed oil, lemon peel, ginger root extract, shea butter, grapefruit extract, sunflower seed oil, and orange peel extract. So, essentially, this product is great for you because it contains ingredients you can actually understand. And it gets even better. This product provides an excellent source of skin hydration and nourishment to keep you looking great AND feeling even better. 

Australian Gold Accelerator Spray

This lotion is made by Australian Gold, just like our favorite 'Deviously Black' lotion. However, this product is an intensifier/accelerator. Essentially, what that means is that this lotion has no added bronzing capabilities. This lotion only has ingredients that work with your skin and your natural melanin by hydrating your skin. So, with this accelerator lotion, the color your skin produces will be the color you stay! This lotion has an amazing reminds us of orange dreamsicle and has a medium to thick consistency. We offer this lotion in spray form as well as your traditional rub on lotion. 

 How long should I tan? 

At Solarium, we get this question all the time and our answer varies for every person who asks. If you're really pale, we recommend starting your tan time around 5 minutes. It's better to barely get anything at all than to burn because once you burn, its recommended that you wait several days before returning. In other words, it best to always play if safe! If you feel comfortable and did not burn, adding a minute or two each visit should not hurt. The recommend exposure schedule is as followed: 

Week 1 (1st-3rd Treatments): 3 mins - 5 mins 

Week 2 (4th-6th Treatments): 7 mins - 8 mins 

Week 3 (7th-10th Treatments): 10 mins - 12 mins 

Week 4 (11th-15th Treatments): 12 mins - 15 mins 

If you have any questions, give us a call at (803) 366-0770 and we'd be happy to talk to you about our specials and signing up for a package! 

Stop by and visit us at Solarium <3 



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