The Do's and Do Not's of Fashion

Claire Holliday

Posted on May 17 2016

Hey Ladies <3 
Today, I'm going to share with you some of the do's and do not's of fashion. I also wanted to introduce you to previous 'don'ts' that are now 'musts!' Keeping up the current styles can be difficult so hopefully this blog will ease some of that confusion. Below you'll find 3 fashion do's this season, 3 don'ts this season, and 3 fashion misconceptions that are totally okay! 


As stated earlier, the fashion trends are always changing. At some point, any one of these 'do's' might end up on the 'do not' list and that's perfectly okay. As long as you stay up to date each seasons trends, you'll be in the clear! 

1. HATS. Hats are very much in, especially fedoras and wide brim floppy hats. There's something about these types of hats that add so much personality and attitude to any outfit. I don't know about you but when I slip on one of these beauties, I immediately get a confidence boost. Please ditch the trucker hats and leave them in 2004 where they belong. To shop our hat collection, click here

Tan Fedora

2. Crop tops and Open Backs. This season, crop tops are so in. However, they're only in if you style them appropriately. We do NOT recommend purchasing a crop top that shows your entire stomach...ladies, that is not classy. A crop top is meant to show a small portion of your lower belly and leave A LOT to the imagination. And if you're going to show skin on the front, it's definitely okay to show your backside. After all, it needs a little attention too. Open backs are a fun and flirty way to complete your sassy look! 

Printed Open Back Top 

Ruffle Tank

3. Layer, Layer, Layer! Here at Page 6, we are definitely a fan of layering. Being from the South, the weather is extremely unpredictable. In the morning you could be facing brisk winds and chilly temperatures and in the afternoon you could be hit with heat that feels like it's from the Sahara. And who knows, the occasional popup storm might just be thrown your way. So hey, at least with your layers you'll always be stylishly prepared. And by layers, we don't mean layering your tank tops. We mean throwing on a fabulous, chic kimono or layering with a tank and a bralettes. Whichever style you chose, one thing is for certain--you can't go wrong! 

Striped Open Back Tank

Our 'Hamptons Tank' is shown above while our Nina Kimono is shown below! Click on picture to shop :) 


1. Too Short, Shorts! No matter your age, there is nothing flattering about squeezing your bum into shorts and having them ride up in all of the wrong places. When your shorts are a little too tight, one of two things will happen. 1.) You're either going to be hanging out in places that should never see the light of day and 2.) Everyone is going to get a little more view than they bargained for...and certainly not in a good way. We've all seen that girl before and wondered who even let her out of the house. You should never be THAT GIRL under any circumstance! In order to avoid that, shop our short collection here or model your warm weather outfit after this flat lay below. Here we have our fabulous Z&L Peacock Shorts paired with our classic Sally Scallop Tank!

Printed Shorts and Scalloped Tank

2.  Flips Flops. Contrary to popular belief, flip flops do not actually go with everything. Occasionally, it is okay to slip on your favorite flip flop sandal but it is never okay to make them your go-to for every warm weather outfit. There's nothing worse than checking out another girl's outfit and seeing her ROCK it until you get to the shoes. Shoes can either make or break your outfit so make sure you get that stamp of approval. Shop our entire shoe collection here

 Metallic Gold Boxer Sandals

3. Hanging Loose. Ladies, there is a fine line between classy and trashy and letting your bra straps hang out definitely crosses into that 'no-no' territory. We wanted to highlight the simple fact that it's not okay to let everyone see your intimates. Leave a little to the imagination!! And no, bralettes are NOT included in this category. If you've got a revealing top that is backless or maybe features a plunging neckline, slip on one of our bralettes to make sure that you always remain classy. Our sassy Oliva Lace Tunic is shown with our burnt orange bralette. 

M I S C O N C E P T I O N S 

Somewhere along the way, you were told this was a big fashion 'no-no.' Well, at the time the person who entrusted your style with may or may not have been right. Fashion trends are always evolving so it is quite possible that you 
1. Mixing Gold and Silver JewelryYes girls, at one point this would have been a major NO. End of discussion. However, here at Page 6, we always feel its appropriate to mix and match your metals, especially when it's done tastefully. Forget the idea that mixing metals is "cheap" or "trashy" because guess what?! It's definitely not. Many pieces now today combine the two and you don't even have to buy separate pieces. 
Source: Sweaters in the Stove 
2. White Jeans After Labor Day: This one was never a no. You just listened to someone who convinced you that it was inappropriate to wear white jeans after labor day. And if the convincing actually worked, then you were definitely fooled. And we feel sorry you had to miss out on so many great opportunities to rock white jeans!! White jeans are ALWAYS appropriate, no matter what the season may be. So next time you go to box up your spring and summer clothes, leave the white jeans out :)  
Distressed White Jeans  
3. Mixing Black and Brown: Some ladies are definitely afraid to mix black and brown. But forget your fears and GO FOR IT! When done tastefully, this combo is ultra chic. Since the weather is warm, we definitely recommend pairing a black top with a brown statement necklace and either black or brown sandals. Regardless of which combination you chose, you're sure to stand out and force girls everywhere to rethink their so-called fashion "rules." 
We hope this blog has inspired you to rock the latest fashion trends without hesitation and ditch the ones that aren't! 

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Much Love, 
Claire xo 

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