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Claire Holliday

Posted on May 11 2016


Daisy Duke in Cut Offs

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Hey Girls! The weather is heating up so you know what that's time to break out the shorts!! If you just aren't feeling last seasons looks or you want to completely start fresh, luckily you're in the right place. ;) 
Here at Page 6, we've got endless style possibilities for each and every one of you fashionistas out there. Whether you are a cuffed denim or fray edge kinda girl, we have options here to satisfy your heart's content. 

Reasons We Love Shorts 

We know that there are COUNTLESS reasons to 'die for denim' and here are our top three. 

1. Covering your legs is so...last season. It's been awhile since your pearly white legs have seen the light of day but hey, you aren't the only one. After wearing jeans for what felt like an eternity, you can finally show some skin and bare your legs in public for two reasons. The weather has finally stopped its bipolar ways and you might just suffer from a heat stroke if you are in jeans, outside, for more than 5 minutes. We know the sun in the South is restlessly but luckily, you can beat the heat in some of the hottest trends. 
2. You can never, ever go wrong with a good pair of denim shorts. Whether you believe it or not, denim shorts go great with just about anything. Like a good pair of jeans, once you find the perfect pair of shorts, you must never let them leave your side. They'll fit perfect in all of the right places and you'll never have to worry about keeping it classy. Shorts definitely make for the perfect summer combo, especially when paired with a flirty tank and sassy sandals. 
3. Effortless beauty and style. As stated above, you can never go wrong with a pair of denim shorts. They have been around for as long as we can remember and style icons have showed us that denim shorts can be both classy AND sexy. We love the versatility shorts provide--especially when you're in a rush to head out the door. You can simply throw them on with just about anything (seriously) and still look like you took the time and effort to style your entire outfit. 

What to Avoid When Looking for the Perfect Pair of Denim 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for your go-to shorts this season. 

1. Under any circumstance, it is never okay to "let it all hang out" ladies. Here at Page 6, we believe that many of you can identify with this cringe worthy fashion mistake. We've all seen it. Maybe it has been a super cute, teenage girl wearing the perfect boho outfit. Everything is to the tee and you are definitely loving her look...until she turns around and you see her butt cheeks playing peek a boo. In my opinion, this definitely ruins the entire look. Don't be that girl. It is hard to earn respect when you are that girl but with shorts that fit properly, you never have to worry about this. 
2. Sometimes tight isn't always right. Yes, your jean shorts should be fitted. No, they should no show every crack and crevice your momma gave you. By no means do we want you to walk around in shorts that resemble a potato sack but we always want you to leave a little to the imagination. Just remember, if you've got to refrain from sitting down, eating, or drinking water to keep your shorts on your body, you probably should not be wearing them. 
3. Sport the right trend for your body. Jeans shorts and jeans typically follow the same guidelines. Being stylish is all about being comfortable with who you are and what you are wearing. Confidence is your best accessory and just like the right pair of shoes, the right denim will give you the power to take on the world. If you have got a petite body shape, short shorts with a rolled hemline will definitely give length to your legs. You could even opt for a frayed cut off style and be perfectly fine. If you have a long torso, something between a short short and mid thigh denim would be perfect for you. This will translate the focus to your legs and help balance out your body. And maybe you've got the best legs on the block. By all means, show off your toned figured with short shorts that featured a cuffed or frayed hemline. Whichever style you chose, it's all about being comfortable with who YOU are. :) 

Denim Page 6 Style 

Below, we pulled some of our favorite options for the warm weather. Denim shorts are definitely our go-to's and when they all look this fabulous, it is hard to pick our favorite! 
Frayed Edge Daisy Duke Shorts
Pictured above, our Just USA Daisy Duke Jean Shorts in Medium Blue are definitely one's Daisy Duke herself would be proud of. Miss Duke is pictured at the top of this blog rocking her signature cut off denim style. She's definitely got the long, toned legs to make those babies look fantastic. Guys everywhere had a crush on her and it was easy to see why. You too can embody this iconic legend by rocking these frayed edged beauties. Pair with your favorite tank and sandals and call it a day. We recommend the ultimate summertime top by Flying Tomato. You can't go wrong with cut offs and you definitely can't go wrong with a halter top. Match made in heaven, don't you agree? 
Cuffed Distressed Light Wash Jeans
Cuffed + distressing = the perfect combination. Pictured above, our Just USA High Rise Cuffed Jean Shorts make for the sweetest summer combo. If you are looking for something to show off your curves but you want a little more coverage, then this beauties are definitely for you. We feel like this is something Marilyn Monroe would have rocked back in the day so that totally makes it acceptable. I mean when a style icon like Monroe endorses something, it is still fashionable years later. We recommend pairing these shorts with one of our sassy 'Riley Ruffle Tops.' The asymmetric hemline and cut of back will look fabulous with the waistline on this shorts. 
Fray Edge Light Wash Distressed Shorts
The last pair of denim we chose to feature are our Just USA Button Fly Fray Jean Shorts. Can you say boho?! These beauties are perfect for any girl...not just our free spirits. We absolutely love the distressed detailing along with the fray edge hemline. Here at Page 6, we can see these beauties showing off your gorgeous, tan skin. Many women tend to stray for light wash denim but there is no possible way you could resist shorts that look THIS good. Am I right or am I right? Because you will definitely want to enhance, not distract from the eye-catching details on these shorts, we recommend pairing them with a tank like our flirty and fabulous 'Stormy Night' beauty by Paper Crane. 

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Much love, 

Claire xo 

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