Festival Season: What to Wear

Claire Holliday

Posted on May 27 2016

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Hey girls! The weather is warmer, the sun is out, and we are definitely in the mood to let loose at some music festivals this summer! In case you are unfamiliar what a music festival is, let me break this down for you. It is the best, most exciting, and thrilling experience of your life. Absolutely nothing beats actually hearing some of your favorite songs live while relaxing with some of your closest friends....or soon to be closest friends. The people you meet and the friendships you form are something only festival go-ers will be able to understand! Generally the festivals last several days and there is no stop music all day long. Different bands will be playing and it comes down to choosing who you want to hear more! Here are some of the most popular music festivals this season! 
1. BonnarooManchester, Tennessee
2. Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC): Las Vegas, Nevada 
3. Mysteryland: Bethelwoods, New York
4. ImagineAtlanta, Georgia  
5. DancefestopiaKansas City, Missouri 
6. Electric Forest: Rothbury, Michigan 
7. Summerfest: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Click here to read a list of ten survival tips to keep in mind for the upcoming festival season! And when your mind is focused on all the fun you're going to be having, it's easy to forget some basic necessities. No worries though, below, we put together a simple list of must have items for your stay!  


1. Sunscreen. It is obvious that you are going to be spending the majority (if not all) of your time outside but you'd be surprised how often this staple item gets overlooked. Sunscreen is an absolute essential when packing for your festival and by day 2, you're definitely going to be thankful you brought it! The LAST thing you want to have to worry about when jamming out and dancing the entire day away is rubbing your sunburn the wrong way or not even being able to dance at all for that matter!
2. Water. Nothing says party pooper like a little dehydration. Like I mentioned, you're literally going to be spending the entire day in the beaming hot sun. And if you're out having a good time, you definitely need to make sure you are replenishing your body with some good ole fashion H20. Wouldn't you hate to be in the position where you can't enjoy the good music because you didn't replenish your system? 
3. Sunglasses. I'm sure this one did not come as a surprise and by now, I think you get the point. You are going to be outside and being outside involves the sun! Protect your eyes and look fashionably chic while doing so by packing a pair of our fabulous sunglasses
4. Fedoras. Oh look! Another item to keep your protect when those beaming rays are shining down! Nothing says 'Boho babe here for a good time' like a classic fedora. We absolutely love the amount of chic sass these beauties give off. To shop our fedora collection, click here.
5. Keychains. The last staple item you are definitely going to want to pack is one of our pom-pom keychains. And it is definitely something you'll want to keep around long after the festival is over. Our Pom Pom Keychains are a perfect way to keep up with your keys, especially 

Festival Outfits : Celebrity Style

Now we're going to show you some celebrity styles spotted at some of the hottest festivals last year! 
Kendall Jenner at Coachella
Source: PopSugar 
Model Kendall Jenner looks absolutely flawless (as always) in this green tank and white frayed edge denim at Coachella. I have always been in love with Kendall Jenner's style but this look definitely takes my obsession to a whole 'nother level! She completes her look with the perfect boho necklace AND nude colored bandana. Not to mention, her combat boots are oh-so chic. 
Vanessa Hudgens Coachella
Source: Gallery Junkie 
What's a musical festival without an appearance made by BOHO QUEEN, Vanessa Hudgens? Above, Hudgens is shown at Coachella wearing a printed, ruffled crop top completed by a long, sleeveless kimono. Jean shorts with a rolled hemline are another boho classic. And what better way to complete your boho look that with a flower crown and no shoes at all? Absolutely perfect. 
Gigi Hadid Coachella
Source: Hollywire
The last boho princess we chose to feature was Gigi Hadid. Again, you can see the obvious trend of boho at Coachella but this same trend follows for just about any music festival you attend. Hadid is shown wearing a black, crochet crop top completed by a suede fringe vest. She paired her look with fray edge, black cut off shorts. Body chains complete this ultimate boho look, wouldn't you agree? 

Boho is ALWAYS a 'Go' 

Now that you've seen some celebrities looks, its time to show you some of ours! Here at Page 6, we are all for a good time and the perfect experience calls for the perfect outfit! Whether you're going for a day or staying the entire time, I mean come on, why would you ever want it to be over, but we've got just the items to make your festival experience the best possible! Contrary to popular belief, music festivals are not exactly like the ones you see on TV. Forget the neon and jazzercise appeal at home...please. You will stick out like a sore thumb. And because you're going to be at this concert for several days, it is important to keep this in mind when preparing outfits. 

Fringe Vest with Printed Tank and Shorts

H E L L O {BOHO} I mean does it get any better than this? This gorgeous combo screams our idea of festival perfection, wouldn't you agree? Above, we paired our 'Festival Fringe Kimono' with our 'Lexi Floral Lace Tank.' We absolutely love how the lace detailing on the hem of the shirt compliments the fringe detailing on the hem of the long kimono. We think you should pair this versatile outfit with our 'Just USA Button Fly Fray Jean Shorts' for the perfect finishing touch. It doesn't get much better than this does it? As far as accessories go, you'll want to pack something that can transition from outfit to outfit without a problem. We believe our 'Montego Necklace' in a gorgeous natural color does just that. 

The next outfit we wanted to show you was our idea of one that embodies boho chic perfection. Sweater tanks are so in right now, especially when considering how adorable our 'Cassia Fringe Tank' is. We chose to pair this beauty with our 'Just USA Daisy Duke Jean Shorts.' And because this beauty is cropped and has gorgeous fringe detailing, we did not feel like a necklace was necessary so we decided to bring in the sass with our flirty fedora and chic sunglasses. 

If you didn't find what you were looking for, if that's possible, please shop our entire boho chic collection by clicking here! We can answer any further questions by phone at 803.980.4171 or by email at! 



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