2016 Trends: Back-To-School Edition

Clarissa Zills

Posted on August 09 2016

2016 Trends: Back-To-School Edition
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Hey ladies! I hate to be the bearer of bad news but school is right around the corner. No seriously, this is NOT a drill. But it’s not always a bad thing, especially when your outfit can look amazing with these must haves from Page 6.

This blog post is all about making a statement with these trendy essentials from Page 6 from what to wear, how you can wear it and what celebrities are rocking them.
Solid colors are always safe, but why not switch it up a little to start off the semester with a BANG? So let’s begin with some prints.

First and foremost we have tie-dye, my favorite. Tie-dye is making a come back and we aren’t complaining about it! This print is basic but easily says, “Hey, look at me rocking this print!”

Talin Tie-Dye Romper

Our featured item for tie-dye, as well as a new arrival, is the ‘Talin Tie-Dye Romper’. Not only is the print to die for, but rompers are a necessity. This look allows you to be stylish, yet comfy in this flowy romper.

The best part about this romper is you can style it up if you have a presentation, or style it down if you’re just looking for something comfy and cute to wear.

Pearl Choker Necklace

Here at Page 6 we believe a little bit goes a long way, much like this choker. An easy way to dress this romper up would be to add the ‘Pearl Choker Necklace’. This adds just a touch of boho and grunge to your look. And it also helps that chokers are all the rage right now.

Jennifer Aniston in tie-dye dress
Source: Popsugar

The always beautiful Jennifer Aniston goes for a casual, yet elegant look pairing her blue tie-dye dress with a denim jacket and strappy sandals. She never looks a day over 21 so who knows, maybe she’s on her way to class.

Z Supply camo tank

Our next print on the list that we don’t want you to miss out on is camouflage. This print isn’t what it used to be- a sign that you were from the south and liked to hunt. Now, camo is a sign that you are confident and willing to make a statement. This camo top from Z Supply will stop anyone in their tracks and have them wishing they could pull off such a bold print.

Cara Delevingne in camo
Source: Vogue

One of our favorite it-girls, Cara Delevingne, channels her inner tomboy by wearing True Religion Halle camo skinny jeans. She balances these ripped jeans with a few other basics, like a white t-shirt and a black tote, giving off the feel that she’s ladylike with a bit of a flare.

Now on to the next trends, t-shirts and kimonos.

Emery Boho Kimono - Grey

If you could be comfy and cute in class, would you? Well of course you would, and so would we! That’s why we are proud supporters of pairing tee’s and kimonos. By wearing these two together you come off casual but edgy. Which is exactly what you need to start off your school semester on the right foot.

Kimono with t-shirt

Solid tee’s give you the versatility to wear almost any kimono of your choosing. We chose to pair this beautiful grey ‘Emery Boho Kimono’ with ‘The Florence Top’ by Z Supply.

Gigi Hadid in kimono
Source: Mirror Online

If you need some convincing when it comes to whether or not you should hop on the trend and wear a kimono, look no further. Here you can see model Gigi Hadid rocking this printed kimono pairing it with a solid black crop-top. The vibrant colors give it that extra pop and the black crop top allows you to focus solely on the boldness of the kimono. It’s no wonder Zayn is with her, I mean just look at how she rocks that outfit!

Lancelin Tie-Dye Tunic

We are also head over heels for anything that flows in the wind, and no surprise here but this 'Lancelin Tie-Dye Tunic' is tie-dye.

Whether you’re headed to BIO 301 or out to grab a bite with you friends after class, you can’t go wrong with this olive tunic. Because there is so much detail on the front of this tunic, you won’t need a necklace but earrings will do the trick.

Stowe Matte Gold Hoop Earrings

We encourage you to go the extra mile and pair your outfit with one of our favorites- the ‘Stowe Matte Gold Hoop Earrings'. And maybe hoops weren’t the latest trend for a little bit, they’re in full swing now.

And speaking of swing, next we have swing dresses!

Gracelyn Swing Dress - Blush

Summer is still in session if you’re wearing swing dresses, or at least that’s our philosophy here at Page 6. What is there not to love about this 'Gracelyn Swing Dress'? It’s simple when you are looking for a casual outfit, but with accessories it’s entirely different.

Arlo Tusk Necklace - EarthArlo Tusk Necklace - Earth with Gracelyn Blush Swing Dress

Show off this blush beauty with one of our most popular necklaces, the ‘Arlo Tusk Necklace - Earth’. Now not only are you accessorized, but you are ready to go take on those classes!

With all of these great tops, you need bottoms to go with them. Well these shorts are exactly what you’ve been looking for! 

Just USA High Rise Cuffed Jean Shorts

These ‘Just USA High Rise Cuffed Jean Shorts’ are exactly what you need to complete your back-to-school outfit. These light wash denim shorts are perfect for a fearless outfit. They are lightly colored so they go with any and every blouse! It also helps that they are the high rise fit because that is so in.

And last but certainly not least, bralettes!

Lace Nahoon Bralette

Bralettes are a necessity to almost every outfit. Because they are lace, these Nahoon Bralettes add character and a layered look to any outfit. The racerback also gives you that extra support you need. Feel free to switch things up too and add bold colors to any outfit.

We hope this post was helpful and we wish you the best in all of your school endeavors. Now go tackle this school year!

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