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Posted on February 25 2016


Source: My Lokai

It's all about staying humble and hopeful on this crazy journey called L I F E. 

If you have looked around lately, you've probably noticed someone, somewhere wearing a Lokai bracelet. From celebrities to your average Joe's, these babies are sweeping the nation. This trend is similar to the Livestrong bracelets fad that seemed almost unstoppable during the mid-2000s. 

What are Lokai Bracelets? 

Source: My Lokai

The term "lokahi" means balance in Hawaiian. These infused bracelets are intended to mimic the 'yin-yang- lifestyle. They were created by Steven Izan in 2013. Izan, a student at Cornell's Business School, came up with the trendy beaded bracelet idea after his freshman year of college. While sitting on the beach with family and several friends, he was contemplating his grandfather's recent Alzheimer's diagnosis. Despite his feelings of immense hopelessness and sorrow--Izan was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for where he was in his life. The feeling of complete contentment was a stark contrast to the feeling of despair. Izan had a sudden realization--it's important to remain humble throughout the peaks in your life and hopeful throughout its pits. Thus, the idea of the very first Lokai bracelet was born. 

Staying Humble and Hopeful 

The Lokai bracelet features mud from the Dead Sea and snow from Mount Everest. 

The mud from the Dead Sea is found in the black bead of this bracelet. It is symbolic of the pits or lowest points in your life. Just as Izan hit a pit with the new of his grandfather's diagnosis, it is inevitable that each one of us will hit one at some point as well. Since the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth, the idea only seemed fitting. 


The white bead of the Lokai bracelet contains snow from Mount Everest. Being the highest point on Earth, this bead is intended to symbolize all of the peaks and success in your life. 

Giving Back  

"Life is full of joy and sadness, and we can all relate to its highs and lows. I hope that Lokai will remind you to stay balanced and centered along your journey." Izan built his company on the basis that people would remain optimistic during whatever life threw their way. However, these bracelets have become more than just a reminder. Izan wanted to give back to the community and when you purchase Lokai Bracelets, 10% of the net profit will be donated to charities designed to give back to the community such as charity: water, Save the Children, Susan G. Komen, World Wildlife Fund, and the Alzheimer's Association. There's a fantastic assortment of Lokai Bracelets to show you support while staying balanced. 

Live Lokai 

Vanessa Hudgen's Live Lokai Bracelets  

Source: Instagram 

Above, American actress and singer, Vanessa Hudgens, shows her Lokai support. Remembering that there are "no shortcuts to success," Izan began to get to work. He created the first Lokai Bracelet, "Live Lokai," in 2013. He struggled to get the word out. Going door to door and relying on word of mouth, Izan patiently waited for his company to blossom. He never lost hope and eventually, celebrities such as Hudgens began to show their support. Word being to spread like wildfire and these beauties quickly became one of the hottest trends. After support widely grew, color options and different charities were involved. Today, Lokai has an assortment of 6  bracelet colors and supports more than 10 different charities. 

Blue Lokai-charity: water 

Source: Pinterest 

We A D O R E Lucy Hale. From her role on PPL to her eclectic fashion style, could she get anymore perfect sporting this blue Lokai? We don't think so! The blue Lokai bracelet was the first colored bracelet following the creation of the original "Live Lokai." This beauty marked the beginning of a series of charity partnerships to spread Lokai's message of personal and global balance. This bracelet was intended to support World Water Day and partner with the charity, "charity: water" to bring clean drinking water to 10,000 people in Ethiopia. It achieved its goal and inevitably, it quickly became another Lokai fan favorite! 

Red Lokai- Save the Children 

Source: Pinterest 

Colton Haynes, American actor and model, is R O C K I N G the red Lokai bracelet! If this doesn't make your heart melt, then we don't know what will. What's even better than an attractive man wearing a bold red Lokai bracelet? 10% of the net profits from this bracelet being donated to the charity, "Save the Children," of course! This non-profit organization strives to ensure that children across the United States and around the world receive lifesaving care, nourishing food, and engaging educational support so that they have the best possible opportunity to "strive and thrive." 

Pink Lokai- Susan G. Komen Foundation 

Source: Instagram 

Khloe Kardashian, television personality and entrepreneur, looks super sassy and ultra fabulous in the pink Lokai bracelet. You go, Koko!  Lokai partnered with the Susan G. Komen foundation to invest in lifesaving breast cancer research to an effort to help the millions of men AND women who are living with or have been affected by the breast cancer diagnosis. To date, over $765,000 dollars was donated to help with this phenomenal cause. Nothing is more empowering than helping your fellow homegirls and looking stylish while doing so! 

Camo Lokai: World Widelife Foundation 

Source: Instagram 

Blake Lively, possibly the most perfect woman alive, rocks the camo Lokai bracelet. Lokai partnered with the WWF, an international fundraising organization, "to work in collaboration with existing conservation groups and bring substantial financial support to the conservation movement on a worldwide scale." The WWF focuses on six main areas: forests, marine, freshwater, wildlife, food and climate in an effort to stop the degradation of Earth's natural environment and to achieve harmony between humans and nature. 

Purple Lokai: The Alzheimer's Foundation 

Source: Instagram 

This one hits close to home for CEO and founder, Steven Izan. Who knows were the Lokai brand would be today or if it would even exists if it were not for his grandfather's inspiration. Lokai believes that "memories are worth fighting for" and by partnering with  The Alzheimer's Foundation, research is aided and additional funding is provided.  Above, reality TV personality, socialite, and teen icon, Kylie Jenner follows in her sister's footsteps and shows her Lokai Support. Jenner, dressed in an authentic fur coat, sports the classic three stack purple Lokai bracelet. She effortlessly shows that Lokai bracelets  are the P E R F E C T accessory to any outfit. 

And if you can't pick your favorite...

Cam Newton Lokai Bracelet Style

Just buy all 6 Lokai Bracelets and rock them like star quarterback and Carolina fan favorite, Cam! Don't worry--this purchase is justifiable. Once again, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to helping Lokai's partner charities. 

Life is all about finding your balance! To find yours, purchase your Lokai Bracelet from our Baxter Location! #LIVELOKAI 

Baxter Location: 936 Market Street | Fort Mill, SC 29708   Phone Number: 803.548.0559 

"If you reach a peak, stay grounded by sharing your success. When you hit a low, gain perspective by helping others." -Lokai 


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