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Claire Holliday

Posted on July 14 2016

Here at Page 6, we believe that being fashionable extends far beyond clothing garments. No outfit is complete until you've got the perfect hairstyle. Hands down, end of discussion. There's no arguing this one! You have to admit when your hair is on point so is the rest of your outfit. Having great hair is an asset every women should strive to have.

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We wanted to show you a simple way to take your outfit to the next level. What better way to do so than a braid tutorial?! Braids are P E R F E C T I O N. They're super easy, ultra stylish, and fabulously sassy. When you're running late and don't have time to style your hair, these gorgeous braids will save the day! 

Braid Queens! 

This blog would not be complete without paying tribute to two style icons who we absolutely adore. Lauren Conrad, or LC, and Blake Lively absolutely SLAY all braided hairstyles. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, you're lying if you say you are not envious of their great hair. How is it possible for a human to look so perfect?! 

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Above, LC is shown R O C K I N G a crown braided hairstyle. We simply adore how effortless chic she is in this classic braid.  
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Blake Lively looks absolutely gorgeous with her messy fishtail braid. As a purveyor of style and effortless beauty, we adore how she pulled of this ultra chic look. 

Featured Braids 

Today, we are going to show you how to take your Page 6 outfit to the next level by adding one of the following three fabulous braids. Braids have been around for hundreds of years and they continue to make statements within the fashion world! Similar to how our clothes fit most body types, braids effortlessly go with just about any face shape. 

The Twisted Crown 

Step One: Purchase our sweet and flirty Nanette Lace Top and pair with our ultra stylish Just Black Distressed Fray Skinnies! 


This gorgeous white tank from En Creme is to die for. We adore the intricate lace adorning the bust. Lace print continues vertically down to the subtle ruffled hem. Single button closure. Throw on your favorite Just Black skinnies for the perfect casual date night look. 



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Gorgeous top? Check. Fabulous skinny jeans? Double check. What's missing...oh yeah-A FLIRTY HAIR STYLE! To complete this look, we chose to show you how to do the 'twisted crown braid.' This sweet braid is the perfect addition to this outfit, especially if its for a casual date night! Since the top has a higher neck with beautiful lace detailing, we wanted to make sure we highlighted that. If you're a video kind of gal and want a complete, step by step, video tutorial, click here. If not, follow these simple steps below. 

1. Starting on one side at the top of the head, split a small section of hair into two even halves.

2. Like you would create a French braid, add a new piece to the section of hair to create the twist.

3. Continue creating your twist by taking another piece from above.

4. Combine that piece to the twist as shown.

5. Repeat the previous steps and continue twisting until you get to the halfway point near the crown.

6. Once you reach the back, stop adding pieces and simply complete the twist. Secure with an elastic hair tie.

7. Create another matching twist on the other side and fasten as well.

8. To combine, carefully open one of the twists, and pull the other through the opening.

9. Make an X with the combined twists.

10. Use bobby pins to secure the X, remove the elastic ties, and loosen the twisted ends for volume.

The Classic Fishtail Braid 

Step One: Become the ultimate versatile BOHO BABE by purchasing our Miss Strawberry Swing Dress.

Embrace your flirty side in this fabulous strawberry pink swing dress by MittoShop. This beauty is P E R F E C T for everyday. Aside from being extremely versatile, this dress features a flowy silhouette and wide sleeves. High scoop neck. Tank style back. Sleeveless. You know you're in for a good day when you're dressed in this happy little number! What more could your heart desire? The perfect hairstyle of course. 

Step Two: Operation Execute The Classic Fishtail Braid  

Fishtail Braid

Source: Tumblr 

We love the boho vibes this braid gives off. You can make your braid messy like Blake Lively or keep it clean and sophisticated as shown above! Regardless of how you prefer to wear it, we are positive this hairstyle will be the perfect finishing touch to the ultimate boho swing dress! For a complete, simple step by step video tutorial, click here. Or follow along to these simple instructions below :) 

1. Create a pony tail. 

2. Divide your ponytail into two even sections. 

3. Begin weaving and use your finger to separate a small section of your hair from the outer edge near the pony tail holder. You need to cross it over to the opposite side.

4. Re-grip your hair to tighten while still holding two sections. Repeat this step with a small section from the other side. 

5. Continue overlapping pieces from both sides of your ponytail making sure to finish all the way down to your ends. 

6. Use scissors to carefully cut out the hair tie at the base of your ponytail. VA VA VOOM! Your look is complete! 

Dutch Braid Messy Bun 

Step One: Pick up the ultimate boho dress

First of all, you can never go wrong with tie dye and luckily--it's so IN this season. Secondly, crochet AND tie dye? I mean come on, it doesn't get much better than this. But in all seriousness, we absolutely love the navy and light pink colors adorned on this beauty.

Step Two: Adorn your outfit with the ultimate accessory--the Dutch Braid Messy Bun 

Source: Missy Sue 

What better way to finish off this gorgeous dress than combining a messy bun and a fabulous dutch braid?! This braid is effortlessly stylish and we love how put together this beauty will make you feel. To get the step by step low-down on how to perfect this style, follow these instructions from Missy Sue below or click here for a video tutorial

1. Start with a side part on the right side.
2. Pick up a section of hair on the heavy side of the part leaving a small section of hair right at the hairline.
3. Divide the section into three smaller sections.
4. Cross the back strand under the middle.
5. Then cross the front strand under the middle.
6. Cross the back strand under the middle and bring in a section of hair, incorporating it into the braid.
7. Next, cross the front strand under the middle and bring in another section, continuing to leave out the front bang portion.
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 two more times.
9. Now gradually bring in the front bang portions.
10. Once the braid reaches the ear, continue braiding the hair down in a regular braid and tie off the end with a clear elastic band.
11. Now create another dutch braid on the other side of the head, then tying it off with an elastic band.
Step 12. Bring all the hair up into a low ponytail.
Step 13. Wrap the elastic band one time over the hair.
Step 14. Then wrap the hair pulling it halfway through the band.
Step 15. Pin sections of the hair up to create a low messy bun


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We hope this blog gives you the confidence to mix things up and add extra flair to your outfit. Executing these G O R G E O U S braided hairstyles was a lot easier than you would think. When you don't have time to get that 'just blown out' look but you still want to convey that you've got your life together, slip on anyone of our fabulous clothing pieces and braid away! 


Your Page 6 Ladies 

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