June 07, 2017


Check Out These Awesome Donut Deals in the Charlotte Area

by Catherine Lowe

Happy National Donut Day everyone!

If you haven't celebrated this iconic and probably the most important holiday yet, don't worry because we know exactly where you need to go in the Charlotte area to score some awesome donut deals. Since it's Friday and you obviously have to treat yourself, start by going to our top picks for your tasty treats for some awesome deals.

Trust us, the long lines are ~totally~ worth it.

1. Dunkin Donuts
DEAL: Free donut with ANY beverage purchase. 

2. Krispy Kreme
DEAL: Free donut when you visit any store.

3. Duck Donuts - Charlotte
DEAL: Free donut with any purchase AND any receipts printed on Donut Day will get a coupon for “Buy One Get One Free 1/2 Dozen," which is redeemable Mon thru Wed until Aug. 31.

4. Suarez Bakery - Charlotte
DEAL: All donuts are BOGO. 

Here's to taking the most beautiful donut Instas! 



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