Fall Florals

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Posted on October 03 2016

 "Autumn paints in colors that summer has never seen."

When you think of a floral print, typically spring and summer come to mind. Pastels, bright whites, and a plethora of Lilly Pulitzer-esque designs are the focal points of every display in all women's clothing stores.

Well ladies, floral is no longer synonymous with Spring and Summer. So today, I'm putting the Fall floral phobia to rest once and for all! 

Those beautiful flower designs have blossomed into prints that everyone MUST have this Fall. What's the difference between your garden party go-to's and this season's print? Well, we've traded in those shades of pastels for warm, rich, and luxurious hues of burgundy, rust, gold, turquoise, navy, brown, cream, and grey. The combinations of colors in these stunning patterns will certainly reassure you that florals were made for Fall too.

Let's start with a great N-E-U-T-R-A-L floral for those of you who fear one of Fall's must-have patterns. I must say, this is the perfect combination to ease your way into the botanical state of mind. The cream and muted brown two-way color mix will wholly compliment your favorite pair of dark distressed denim. Neutral florals: a definite must have for those of y'all who don't like extremely busy patterns!

Olive and burgundy are two of this Fall's hottest colors by far! Fortunately, we've found an absolute stunner floral that combines BOTH colors! A little hint: when shopping for florals, search for those with colors you are willing to accentuate with colored denim or leggings. This gives you several options to wear your new floral piece. In the dazzling cold shoulder top Maleah is pictured in above, we chose a great pair of olive pants, but you could easily pair this top with winter white pants or dark distressed denim. Woot woot, options! :)

Who doesn't like an entire outfit filled with floral? (No one...? I thought so! ) Ladies, don't fear the full body floral! But keep in mind, when wearing an outfit full of phenomenal floral, you don't want to over do the accessories. You can easily take your outfit from adorable to woah, way to busy quickly by adding the wrong accessories. I suggest picking a color from your pattern and adding a hat, bag, or bracelet in that color. Generally, chunky statement necklaces are a definite no.


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So the moral of the story is: find the floral that makes you feel fabulous, whether that means a great neutral pattern or something bursting with color! Fall is here and floral is here to stay! 










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