FALLin' For These Favorites

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Posted on December 14 2016


The much awaited day has FINALLY arrived!! If you're like me, then Fall is 100% your absolute favorite season. There really is just so much to l-o-v-e! The weather becomes more favorable - chilly mornings and humidity-free, warm afternoons. Trees exchange their brilliant green hues for rich shades of red, orange, and yellow. Outdoor activities such as football games, bonfires, camping, festivals, and fairs become major focal points of every weekend. So let's bring on all things pumpkin-spiced, chilly weather, and of course phenomenal Fall fashion!   

"Be in awe of your autumn outfits!"  

P E A C E  O U T  S U M M E R ! ! There is no better way to welcome Fall than to let those shoulders loose in one of my favorite trending styles! Off-the-shoulder tops are super transitional and extremely versatile pieces that should be found in every wardrobe this season. So let's be honest... As much as we'd all love for the first day of Fall to equal automatic chilly weather, it just doesn't happen that way - especially if you live in the southern states. Well ladies, you're in luck! These tops come in a variety of fabrics, as well as different sleeve lengths including short sleeve, 3/4 length, and long sleeve. Create infinite outfit combinations with your off-the-shoulder tops by just adding your favorite distressed or colored denim. BAM, the perfect Fall look!      

Hip-hip-hooray for leggings and cardigans! These two pieces will be an absolute staple for your Fall wardrobe! I know I can't get enough of either one! Pair these two babies with any combination of tops: rich colored Piko's, fabulous floral boho tops, and of course we can't forget the beloved plaid tunics. But don't forget to add this finishing touches!! A long statement necklace and booties are an absolute must to complete your phenomenal Fall look!   

T-shirt dress anyone?! Suede anyone?! YES to both please! Z-supply has seriously outdone themselves once again by creating this ultra luxurious suede t-shirt dress. This one dress lends itself to so many outfits it's incredible. Pair with a stunning beaded necklace and booties for a more sophisticated look. BUT since I'm a 90's child, my favorite combination requires three additional pieces:
1. The perfect plaid button down
2. A trendy choker
3. Converse - Chuck Taylors 
Tie that plaid button down around your waist, pop that choker on, and lace those sneakers up - you've got yourself an awesome Fall {throwback} outfit!

Let's talk scarves for a hot sec. Scarves are no longer just a want but an absolute need. You can take a simple, basic piece and create your Fall go-to combo with just the simple addition of a scarf. The best things about this darling accessory: it adds a pop of color to any outfit. { L-O-V-E <3 } We tend to become boring and drab when the weather cools off, but not this year! Your closet will have a brilliant collection of marvelously colored scarves. Your basics are calling and you're answering!   

"Ogres are like onions. They have layers." -- SHREK

We should all be a little more like Shrek this Fall and add on the layers!! There is no better layering piece than the vest. These babies give you an extra layer of warmth while still allowing you to display your fabulous top underneath. In my book, that's an outfit no brainer. Vests can also add a little extra flair and sass to any outfit. They come in many different styles, colors, and textures. Pair a solid colored vest with a stunning Fall floral for a boho chic outfit. Conversely, pair a plaid patterned baby with a solid colored sweater for the ultimate bonfire look. Versatile and warm: check!  

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  So the moral of the story is: invest in the basics - off-the-shoulder tops, leggings, cardigans, t-shirt dresses, scarves, and fun vests - to create a wide variety of breathtaking Fall outfits. You'll continue to find stunning combinations with each and every darling piece!    




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