From '90s to NOW: The Choker Necklace

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Posted on October 31 2016

C A L L I N G   A L L   9 0 s   B A B E S ! !

Let's take a walk down memory lane!

{{ BEWARE: Strong feelings of N O S T A L G I A will most certainly occur! }}


-- JT and Britney Spears were a couple?

-- Lizzie McGuire, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were somewhere on your weekly TV lineup?


-- And that you desperately wanted to be "Taylor Vaughan" in She's All That or Alicia Silverstone as "Cher" in Clueless


BUT WAIT A MINUTE! What do all of these 90s super stars have in common? L O O K C L O S E L Y and you will find that all of these lovely ladies completed their outfit with none other than a CHOKER necklace.  
Now if you're like me, then the above exclamation ran through your head. I honestly couldn't believe it when this style suddenly popped up again. Memories of stretchy "tattoo" chokers and hemp puka shell chokers immediately flooded my mind - followed by a little giggle. My next thought: THIS TREND IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!
As much as we loved those 90s chokers, they've fortunately been upgraded! And I must say, the upgrades are super chic and feminine with the perfect amount of edge.
Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift are all slaying the choker game.
okay laides, now lets get in formation, cause i slay
The ladies of Page 6, being the purveyors of style that they are, found YOU the best of the best! Oh yes - so many chokers, so little time!
To shop these looks and more, simply click here!
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So the moral of the story is: save those iconic pieces that are super popular - whether that be accessories or clothing - because you might just find yourself wearing it again 20 years later! 



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