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Posted on September 19 2016

Y'all, we are feelin' the felt < hat > this Fall, and we want Y O U to be as excited as we are about this awesome accessory! Believe it or not, this past Thursday (September 15th) was National Felt Hat Day! (Yes, it is totally a thing - who knew?!) Even though we are a little late to the party {OOPS!} there is some much needed celebration for this fabulous felt fashion trend. But first... Sit tight ladies - a brief history lesson you don't want to miss is about to ensue.

So the hat...

Traditionally, hats were worn for protection from the elements, but later became a status symbol of wealth and authority. Etiquette, especially in the early 1900's, dictated the correct hat choice for every occasion. This meant around the Fall season, a warmer felt hat replaced its cooler straw brother. This also meant for an occasion of extreme importance, an intricately detailed hat would be chosen. For every day wear, a more basic hat would be worn. 

Fashion wise, hats have always been an extremely noticeable accessory. Why, you ask? For any onlooker, the attention is drawn immediately to the hat wearer's face. As the old adage goes:

"If you want to get ahead and get noticed, get a hat."



So now you're left wondering, how do I style my fabulous felt hat?! Well, you're in luck! I've pulled together several inspirational {and adorable} outfits to help you style your fav felt hat.


 First thing's first, can we just acknowledge how fabulous Maleah looks in this adorable outfit?! { L O V E ! ! } Fall floral is stunning by itself, but to kick it up a notch, you'll want to do the following: 
1. Pick your fav floral piece - whether that be a dress, top, or romper.
2. Decide on a color in your beautiful pattern to accentuate (we know, just one color is soo hard to choose).
3. Grab a felt hat in that color.
4. ROCK your newest, attention grabbing accessory!

So you're not into floral... But you're still a boho goddess looking for that perfect combination of edgy and boho, then this is your outfit! This cold-shoulder romper is flirty, flowy, and fitted in all the right places. But this outfit is all about the accessories! The strappy sandals, choker, and cut out handbag are all game changers in my book. But the one accessory that just really tops off this outfit is our Mac Felt Hat. Ultimate boho outfit sophistication at its finest!  


Comfy and chic anyone?! I say absolutely. I know we all love our oversized sweatshirts and leggings, but trade those babies in every once in awhile for a great pair of distressed skinnies and an ultra soft thermal.                
{-{ PSST,  and don't forget a  F E L T  hat! ;) }-} 
This outfit goes from super comfy to undeniably chic with just the finishing touch of our beautiful Raven Braided Floppy hat. Your outfit will be 100% on point with this cozy combination.  
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So the moral of the story is: felt hats will be your ultimate outfit finisher this Fall. Don't be afraid to take your style to a whole new level. I promise it'll be a success! Just remember: hatters gonna hat ;)





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