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Claire Holliday

Posted on July 06 2016

Jeans Shorts Flat Lay

Hey girls! So let me just start off by saying, I am super excited to share this blog post with you today. Lately, I have been ALL about the denim shorts. To me, there's nothing better than slipping on your favorite blue jeans and heading out for a night of summer fun with all of your friends. Jean shorts are the P E R F E C T go-to when you're in a rush and to be completely honest with y'all, you can never go wrong with them. They're versatile. They're timeless. And they're comfortable. And if you're one of those girls who needs to see a run down before reading the entire blog, here it is! I'm going to share with y'all the importance of jean shorts, celeb influences, as well as a short description of our top four best selling Just USA Jean Shorts and show you a styling idea for each. Let's get to it :) 

The Importance of Jean Shorts

1. They're always there. Yeah so maybe you've got a friend you feel like you have been through it all with. But, no one shares a bond like a girl and her favorite pair of jean shorts. When something good walks into your life, it is important not to ever, ever, let it go. So naturally, this bond might be the best thing that's ever happened to you and you could tell...right from the start. Time and time again, y'all have been there for each other. You have helped her off the ground, especially when looking for something to wear the next morning and she's helped you keep a put together look even when the rest of you is well...not so on point. Like your best friend, jean shorts are always there. 

2. Jeans shorts = character. Now that we have established and confirmed the unbreakable bond you and shorts share, it is time to thank them for adding character to your look. There are so many different styles of jean shorts out there and it would be impossible to say that there's not a style to fit every one of your ever-changing moods. If you're feeling edgy, go for the super distressed. If you're feeling sassy and girly, go for the clean cut and clean lines. And if you're just feeling wild with a touch of crazy, go for the fray hemline. Now you really can't tell me there's not something out there for you.

3. Timeless classic. If it has been around this long and still hasn't gone out of style, we must be doing something right. They say you should invest your money where you invest your time, and lucky, lucky you, you spend most of your time wearing clothes. So why skimp and invest on items that aren't going to last you? And while we are on this subject, I have a confession to make. 3 years ago I bought my first pair of Just USA shorts and as I sit here and write this blog today...I am still wearing them. They're built to last in terms of material as well as style and that ladies, is a product you should not pass up. 

Jean Shorts : Celeb Style 

Taylor Swift Girly Shorts

Source: Jeans About 

Hey hey hey to our favorite girl, Taylor Swift! We L O V E how you styled your jean shorts. Okay, so this would be a good pair to wear when you're feeling girly and sassy. Cleans lines are definitley the way to go when you're in that kinda mood. And I absolutely adore the classic striped tee tucked into the slight high waist. T-Swizzle finished off her look with a statement bag and heeled booties.  

Selena Gomez in Cut Off Shorts

Source: Wonder Wardrobes 

Like her hit song, "the heart wants what it wants," you know your heart definitely wants to rock the frayed hemline like Selena. Again, like we stated early, the fray edge hemline is really when you're feeling wild with a touch of crazy. And by the looks of this photo, Gomez was definitely living up to that expectation. Pair with a cute tank and you'll be on your merry way. 

Hilary Duff Distressed Jeans

Source: Pinterest 

Even moms need to live life on the edge. Distressed shorts definitely give off that vibe  and we couldn't be more fond of chic mom, Hilary Duff in her style choices. She paired these distressed beauties with a classic black and white striped sweater and white pumps. I'm not sure if I could rock this combo for an 'everyday' look but for those of you who can't, I say, "GO FOR IT!" 

Jean Shorts from Yours Truly 

Daisy Duke Medium Blue Cut Offs

"Looking so good in what's left of them blue jeans" definitely comes to reality with these fun beauties. We are positive Miss Daisy Duke would approve of these cut offs in a medium blue wash so y'all have got the 'green light' from us. With a 5 pocket detailing and slight frayed hem, what's there not to love? Single button closure with zip. 

Just USA Daisy Duke Shorts - White

We loved these beauties so much we had to get them in a white color as well. Just like the ones featured above, there's no possible way you go wrong with a pair of shorts as versatile as these. Plus, white is a nice change from the classic blue wash you're going to find everywhere. And for $39.99? Girl, go ahead! 

Just USA Button Fly Fray Short

Oo la la! We are definitely starry eyed for these frayed hemline shorts. Of course, by Just USA, these beauties have got a three button closure and distressing. So, let me break this down for you. These unique and chic shorts have got details you're not likely to see on every.single.girl. Trust me, standing out from the crowd in something, like jean shorts, that are considered a staple in our society, is definitely a bonus! 

 Just USA High Rise Cuffed Shorts

The last pair of shorts I wanted to feature were a fabulous high rise cuffed in a medium wash. These beauties have slight distressed details and a cuffed hemline which I think is absolutely adorable. And don't get me started on the high waist. Recently, I have become more obsessed with shorts that feature a higher waistline and I feel like it is a no brainer as to why. And like I've been trying to say this entire blog...jean shorts are definitely a timeless piece and the high waist detail definitely confirms this.  


This is always my favorite part of writing blogs. I absolutely love styling pieces it's like getting to play virtual dress up. Below, I put together some outfits for y'all that I think would absolutely wear with the shorts above! Click the linked words below to shop directly :) 

 Cut Off Jean Shorts Blog

So these are our fabulous fray edge hemline shorts paired with edgy yet girly 'Muskegon Plaid Top.' I chose a top that kind of went a long with the theme of the shorts, since after all, that is what we are trying to feature. The pieces in this outfit definitely compliment each other nicely and I couldn't think of a better combination. As far as the finishing touches go, you could even add a Nahoon Lace Bralette in Garnet as well as some simple hoop earrings. In my personal opinion, this will give you the best of both worlds in terms of style. 

Just USA Cut Offs with Lace Top

Oo la la! This outfit is absolutely to die for. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the floral lace top and the hint of girly it brings into the outfit. And like I have always said, dark blue jeans and white tops are probably my most favorite combination when it comes to pairing outfits. I think it's a kind of love I can't even explain. Anyways, to complete this look, I brought in a hint of boho with my feather pendant completed by periwinkle beads. Nerd moment: this contrast is nice visually AND stylistically. Last but not least, vintage shades were added for the ultimate finishing touch. 

White Cut Offs and Tie Dye

Tie dye and cut offs? Yes please. So above I showed y'all the medium blue cut off shorts so now I'm showing y'all the white because they're just that great. I don't think they need much explaining but I'm going to do some anyways. I paired these crisp beauties with our taupe tie dye tank for the perfect contrast. You could definitely finish this piece off with some earrings and even a necklace of your choice--I don't think you could go wrong. As far as shoes go, I'm definitely feeling some leather, boho style sandals. 

As always, thank you so much for reading this blog! We hope you've found something you like but if not, our website is always open ;)  

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Until next time, 


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