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Claire Holliday

Posted on July 21 2016

Hey girls! If y'all are anything like me, packing light for vacation is extremely hard. No matter how hard you try, you always end up over-packing. You think you're going to need this and you think you're going to need that but in reality, you don't need any of it. You will end up wearing the same pair of shorts at least three times and sticking to the "safe" pieces in your suitcase. So I've put together this blog for y'all with some tips to packing light and to show you the different ways the same pieces can be transitioned throughout your stay in order to avoid this: 

Overpacking Meme

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Okay...all joking aside overpacking is a serious issue and it definitely affects the best of us. I can remember going to California for two weeks and having to move stuff out of my suitcase because I was 30 pounds OVER the 50 pound limit. And let me tell you, I had just about everything you could imagine in that suitcase. Did I wear half of the stuff I brought? Absolutely not. Was it a complete waste to bring all of that? Of course. So, to avoid a 'Claire Moment' like this one, here are a few tips to keep in mind when piling your stuff into a suitcase.

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1. Back to basics. It all comes right back to have basic, versatile pieces in your wardrobe. You definitely want to brings things on your trip that go with more than one thing. Skip the top you can only wear with the certain pants and skip the dress you think you might want to wear even though it still has the tags on. I can guarantee you won't end up wearing it. 

Bag Allowance Meme

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2. It's time to downsize. Downsizing is never a bad thing...espeically when it comes to packing. I recommend taking a smaller suitcase on your trip so there is no possible way you can overpack. You will be forced to evaluate what is really important because space is limited and limited space should be taken up by things that are necessities. If you've got the extra space, you will definitely fill it up. Don't put yourself in that position! 

Shoe Meme

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3. Your shoe collection will be okay. This one really goes back to the basics concept again. Shoes take up a lot of room and they will pack on the extra pounds just like that. You definitely want to make sure that you only bring 1-2, 3 at most, pairs of shoes on your trip. Depending on the time of year I would recommend packing a comfortable pair of walking shoes, a cute sandal, and a flirty wedge. This would definitely do the trick. 

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4. Roll it up. Okay so some of you may or may not know this trick so just skip over this part if you already do. You would be amazed how much space you will save if actually roll your clothes instead of laying them flat. This will definitely come in handy when you are limited on space (since you finally got rid of your huge suitcase) and need to bring all of your basic necessities. Try it out and be amazed. For more packing hacks, click here to read this blog by Laura Trevey. 


PAGE 6 Packing Must Haves

Okay so now that y'all have finally gotten the 'Packing 101' lesson we can move on to what pieces from Page 6 you absolutely need to bring along on your trip. If you were paying attention, you would remember that sticking to the basics is extremely important. Below, we've style some outfits for you centered around two of our most versatile tops: the Piko and the Pocket Tee. By chosing two tops you can rotate throughout your outfits, you are guarenteed effortless and easy style. Mix and match each of the bottoms with different kimonos and tops. All in all, you could end up with 16 different outfits. 

Pocket Tee with Shorts

You never know what the weather might bring! For this first look, we chose to use our pocket tee in the gorgeous blue granite color. We paired it with our 'On the Fringe Floral Kimono.' These two pieces will be our base or staple items for each outfit. For this look, we chose to use the 'Just USA Daisy Duke Jean Shorts' in medium blue. To top everything off, our boho 'Devin Necklace' in brown is the perfect finishing touch. For a day that is a little warmer, skip the kimono. For a day that is a little cooler, throw on the kimono and bam, you've already got 2 separate outfits. 

Distressed Jeans with Kimono and Pocket Tee

So maybe you decided you did not want to go for the shorts or maybe you were looking for something to wear out in the evening. You could definitely keep this piece together by adding our 'Just Black Distressed Fray Skinnies - Dark Blue.' Now you've got an entirely new outfit with just a simple switch of bottoms. You could even re-wear this by slipping off the kimono and swapping your necklace. 

Piko and White Shorts

Here is another look that is simply to die for. We love the versatility this combination can provide. Above, we paired our 'Rose Quartz' Piko with our 'Canyon Flower Kimono' for the ultimate layering idea. Once again, if the day is too hot, you can most certainly take of the kimono and save it for another time. This will give you two simple and quick outfits. We chose to pair this look with our 'Just USA Daisy Duke Shorts' in white. As far as accessories go, we chose to complete this outfit with a simple statement necklace

White Jeans and Kimono

Once again, we kept the entire top half the same, but just added our 'Just Black Distressed Skinnies - White' to complete the bottom half. As I mentioned earlier, do not hesitate to mix and match pieces--after all that is what this entire blog is about! 

We hope this blog has helped you realize that sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to packing ;)  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 803.980.4171! As always, shop our entire website by clicking {HERE} 

Much love, 

Claire <3 


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