October 13, 2016


No Bra?! No Problem!

Alright ladies, we're taking Kenny Chesney's "No Shirt. No Shoes. No Problem." lyrics one step further: 


How can this be? Well you'll never believe it y'all... Today is N O  B R A  D A Y ! !
{ Excuse me, say what?! } 
Yup, you heard me right! So ditch that uncomfortable bra and grab a soft, comfy BRALETTE! 

Bralette's are the one accessory that every girl not only wants, but NEEDS. These babies are adorable, functional, and comfortable - the perfect combination, hands down! Styling these stunners are an absolute breeze. Pair them with a deep-v blouse or a sheer top for a little extra coverage. They are fabulous under the basics too! Pop one on under your favorite off-white Piko or your black suede Z-Supply pocket tee. The possibilities are truly endless!
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So the moral of the story is: take that pesky bra off and wear an incredibly comfortable bralette! Styling one is effortless because there is no wrong way to wear it! ;) 

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