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Posted on October 10 2016

Calling all decorating divas!! Fall is here in full force, meaning it's time to step up your decorating game. Yup, that means bring on the mums, scarecrows, bails of hay, and oh, let's not forget the PUMPKINS! But don't let those pumpkins be boring and bare on your front porch! Show them a little love and add some pizazz with paint . Break out those paint brushes ladies (I know you have them!!) because I'm giving you a quick How To Paint Your Pumpkins tutorial! 


Pick out your perfect pumpkin(s) at your local farmer's market or pumpkin patch. I recommend making it a fun trip for the entire family, or it could even be a besties only trip. Your choice! Often times the farmer's market or pumpkin patch will offer fun Fall activities in addition to selling your favorite decorations. From hay rides and corn mazes, to petting zoos, and even apple cider sampling - there is something for everyone to enjoy!



Now that you're in the Fall spirit, let the pumpkin painting begin!

B U T  F I R S T !  You will want to prepare a space in which to paint. If you're like me, then no painting project is complete without paint splashed on your hands, face, and dog (oops?!), etc. For this reason, I suggest two things: 

1) A drop cloth or newspaper to cover your chosen painting space.

2) Acrylic paint! 


Acrylic paint simply washes off of your skin with soap and water. It won't stain your clothes either! So absolutely no worries when you notice paint splattered on those leggings. Just toss them into the wash and they'll come out looking just like new!  

Now that your space is all prepared and ready to go, you'll need to wash and dry your pumpkins. This will ensure you have a clean "canvas" for your creativity to thrive. Or just to ensure that dirt isn't getting into your brushes. {I like my first reason better ;) But, I digress...}

Next pick out an awesome design and your favorite colors. Perhaps you'll want to choose a theme if you're painting more than one pumpkin. I chose to do a fun, kid friendly design - sprinkle donuts on mini pumpkins! Once you've decided, it's time to PAINT! 

P.S. If you're having trouble deciding on what to paint on your pumpkins, check out our F A L L 2 0 1 6 board on Pinterest. I've pinned some great ideas for you to browse.


3. P A I N T !    P A I N T !    P A I N T !


Unfortunately, painting requires patience. Paint a layer. Let it dry. Paint another layer. If you rush this process, colors will unfavorably mix. No one wants that! Hint: To speed up the drying process, put your pumpkins in front of a fan or use the cool setting on your hair dryer.  



A very fun, young woman (*cough**cough* Ke$ha) once said:


Glitter can give your painted pumpkins some sophistication or just make them POP! Either way, glitter is always a super fun way to add just the right finishing touch!  


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So the moral of the story is: let your inner creative self shine this Fall. Decorating your house for the season will be that much more meaningful with your own creations sitting out. Be proud of your painted pumpkins! But most importantly, have fun creating them :) 




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