The Importance of Accessorizing

Claire Holliday

Posted on June 23 2016

Statement Necklaces

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Hey girls! Happy Thursday! Today, I wanted to put up this blog post to share the importance of accessorizing with y'all. Often times I feel like we neglect our finishing touches when in reality, we should be paying the most attention to them. Let me put this into perspective for you. You've spent countless hours looking for the P E R F E C T outfit and you have finally found it. You're so relieved that you forget your accessories can actually make or break your entire outfit. Despite how fabulous your piece of clothing is, no one is going to be paying attention to how beautiful it is because your accessories are lacking in the 'wow' department. And how tragic would that be? 

3 General Guidelines for Picking Out Accessories 

Below you'll find a list of three general rules that you should definitely keep in mind when trying to pick out accessories. They're super simple and super easy to remember, it's just a matter of putting your plan into action! For a longer, more detailed list or cheat sheet, click here

1. Staple Items and Versatile Pieces. I chose to make this number one because I feel like it is the most important thing to remember when looking for jewelry and accessories. There is absolutely no point in spending money on something you can only wear once. Point. Blank. Look for items that can go with some, if not the majority of the pieces in your wardrobe. You'll be a lot happier down the line when you can buy more clothes and less jewelry because trust me, it all adds up. For example, I have three necklaces I rotate through with just about all of the things in my closet and I can do this because I invested in pieces that will give me more than just one wear. 

2. Sometimes, less is actually more. Okay ladies so this one might be a little confusing or a foreign concept so I am going to break it down for you. High neckline = avoid necklaces. Accessorize with statement earrings and bracelets instead. See, it's not as difficult as you think, right? The reason I say this is because the high neck is a statement in and of itself. You do not want to take away from that and once you start adding things around your neck, you create a distraction rather than an enhancement. So bring in the wow with some simple gold earrings or even some studs! 

3. Matchy matchy? No thank you. This is definitely a fashion pet peeve of mine. Please ladies, do not under any circumstance match the color in your earrings to the color in your necklace AND the color in your bracelet. It's just too overboard and quite frankly exhausting to look at. This also causes confusion on which piece is your statement piece. Personally, I like to bring in the color with my necklace and keep my bracelets and earrings a classic gold. This way there is no competition and each piece of your outfit can shine equally. :) 


Luckily, you're in the right place to find some of the perfect finishing touches. Check out some of our top picks that are versatile, timeless classics. 

Chandelier Pendant Necklace

This versatile and chic pendant necklace is definitely one I would pick out for myself. For starters, the color is a good neutral so it is going to pair with just about anything in your wardrobe. Also, you're going to be able to wear this beauty with a lot of pieces because it can be worn with something more casual then turn right around and be worn with something more dressy. I also love that this piece is gold because I feel like it goes with SO MUCH. Also, gold is so in right now so that is a bonus. :) To shop our entire necklace collection, click here

Shiny Gold Hoop Earrings

I. LOVE. HOOPS. And I am going to leave it at that. These fabulous classic shiny gold hoops earrings are another piece you need to make sure you've got in your accessory collection. They make a statement but not a big enough one to overpower what you're trying to accomplish with your other jewelry pieces. You could definitely wear these with other statement pieces or alone and let the hoops speak for themselves! To shop the rest of our jewelry collection, click here

Caswell Druzy Bangle Bracelet

Here's yet another versatile, staple piece you need in your jewelry collection. This gorgeous druzy stone bangle bracelet would look absolutely perfect stacked or alone. It is subtle enough to draw attention to it but not bold enough to distract or take away from your other pieces and that ladies, is exactly what you want! We love a good druzy stone and this color is absolutely perfect. And in case you haven't noticed, they are super in right now. To shop our entire bracelet collection, click here.

We hope this blog as cleared up some confusion about how you should accessorize. Think of it as an art and you'll be set! Shop our entire website anytime by clicking {HERE} Feel free to contact us via phone at 803.980.4171 with any questions or concerns! 



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