This Season's Uniform: Leggings and Cardigans

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Posted on October 05 2016

Source: Willow & Clay

Alright ladies, L E G G I N G S weather is FAST approaching and we must review the proper way to wear those favorite outfit bottoms of yours. While these are just general rules, you won't want to stray too far from them. 

The Laws of Leggings

1. Leggings are NOT pants.
You should think of your leggings like you think of your tights. Would you leave your house in tights and a top? I didn't think so... The same rule applies to your leggings. 
2. Long Tops Only
Cover those bums!! Tops that are at least hip length (but preferably longer) are absolutely necessary. Tunics, long chunky sweaters, and cardigans are all awesome options to pair with leggings.
3. Material Matters
Choose leggings that are made of a thicker material (think jeggings). If you are unsure, try them on and pretend to pick something up off the ground. If you can see your skin when bending, they are too thin! We highly recommend our Willow & Clay leggings! They are perfect!    
4. Caution: Florals & Bold Prints
 While we LOVE florals and bold prints this Fall, be careful wearing them on the bottom. According to fashion stylist Sansyrae St. Martin, florals and bold prints are really only flattering on long, lean legs. She says, "Like the camera, this trend adds 10 pounds." My recommendation: stick with the basic black, charcoal, navy, brown, and burgundy colors.
5. Please WASH me!
Remember when I said leggings aren't pants? Don't treat them like your jeans in the washing department either! The fabric in your favorite leggings relaxes when it comes in contact with your body heat. Washing them will help them retain their elasticity longer.  Also, leggings are typically made of synthetic material which equals very little breathability. No washing means super smelly leggings. Eww! Wash those babies!!    

What is a Fall closet without a cardigan? 100% I N C O M P L E T E!  Just like your lovely leggings, there are a few concepts you will want to keep in mind when pairing a cozy cardigan with your outfit. 

The Cardinal Rules of Cardigans

1. Avoid Opposing Lengths
Waist length cardigans are awesome to pair with a high-waisted skirt or a fit and flare dress. They give you an extra layer of warmth all while balancing your outfit for a more tailored, complete look. But beware! Pairing a waist length cardigan with a long top creates unwanted contrast. Your body will end up looking disproportionate and weird. And NO one wants that!  
2. Bulk Betrayal
Oversized cardigans are my personal favorite! They look ahhh-mazing with leggings or a great pair of distressed denim skinnies! Pairing an oversized cardigan creates a wanted contrast between the bulk of the sweater and your long and lean legs! But beware! In order to prevent looking wider and bulky all over, you'll want to avoid loose fitting bottoms, flowy skirts, and boyfriend jeans.
3. Proportions, Proportions, Proportions!
Wearing a cozy cardigan is all about correct proportions. A longer boyfriend cardigan pairs great with bottoms that are fitted - leggings, skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and even shorts. But beware! Because of the longer length, you wouldn't want to pair a long boyfriend cardigan with a full dress or skirt. This will, in general, make you look extremely wide. The same rule applies to wrap cardigans. You'll want to pair this style with fitted bottoms so your silhouette is elongated and not shortened or bulky.  
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So the moral of the story is: remember to follow my Laws of Leggings and Cardinal Rules of Cardigans to style the MOST perfect Fall outfit. Who said you can't be comfortable and chic? You absolutely can in this season's uniform of leggings and cardi's!




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