Top 3 Outfits Under $75

Claire Holliday

Posted on July 07 2016

Hey y'all! So working in a boutique I am constantly surrounded by pieces that I feel like I have to have. I find myself stopping to admire the item every time I come around to straighten the racks in the store or even write the description for it online. To make my problem a little more clear, let me paint a picture. I work and work and work and then I finally get paid. Except most of my paycheck goes back into the store because I seriously can't resist all of the new items that are constantly coming in. And regardless of whether or not you work in retail, I feel like this is a struggle for many shopaholics, let alone every girl out there. So in order to help with this, I put together a blog post to show y'all some of my favorite outfits found on the website for under $75 each. I tried to pick pieces that were versatile enough to wear with other things so you can mix and match your items. Click here to read a blog by Teen Vogue that explains the 6 most important shopping tips. 

1. Summer Daze Shorts - $24.99

2. Lorelei Floral Tank - $39.99 

3. Gold Beaded Hoop Earrings - $7.50

Total: $72.48 

The first outfit I put together for y'all is shown below. This look is one you can definitely interchange with different pieces in your existing wardrobe which is a major key. You don't want to be stuck with piece that only go together because in the long run, you'll probably only end up wearing the outfit a few times. I chose the shorts because they are so so so versatile. Black is a great color that will look good with just about anything as long as the color is not on the dark side. And of course, my tank is white because black and white are such the classic pair. As far as accessories go, a simple necklace, (I'm sure you've got plenty of those) and our beaded hoop earrings are definitely the perfect finishing touches. You could pair your favorite strappy sandals with this look. 

Piko and White Shorts 

1. Just USA Daisy Duke Shorts - White - $39.99 

2. Piko 1988 Short Sleeve in Apricot - $24.99 

3. Wingspan Necklace - $9.00 

Total: $73.98

 Okay y'all so the second outfit I wanted to show you definitely contains some staple items--bllue jeans shorts and a Piko. In case you are unfamiliar with the Piko tops, they are basically God's gift to man. They're lightweight, they're comfortable, and they're versatile. You can wear you Piko alone, you can wear it with a bralette, you can even wear it under a kimono--the style possibilities are endless ladies. I'm telling you, they are THAT great. And there's so way you could turn down a color as bold and stylish as this one. I promise you will find yourself gravitating towards this one every time you are in desperate need of something to wear. Lastly, I chose this necklace because it's simple yet eye-catching and it is definitely one you will be able to pair with other outfits. Top it all off with your favorite sandals and call it the perfect day. 

Embroidered Dress and Bralette 

1. Doodle Bug Shift Dress - $39.99

2. Nahoon Lace Bralette in Medium Blue - $24.99

3. Bright Gold Hoop Earrings - $8.75 

Total: $73.73 

The third and final outfit I wanted to show you was a sundress. I. Love. Sundress. I think they are so simple and easy and provide effortless style. When looking for a dress, I tried to pick one you could wear at least two out of the four seasons. This would definitely be my top pick for spring and summer just because of the pastels adorned in this piece. I chose to add one of our bralettes under this piece for that extra flirt factor. Bralettes are a 'to-be-seen' kind of thing and that was definitely the intent when I paired it with this number. Not to mention the color is super versatile so you'll also be able to pair it with other pieces in your wardrobe. Last but not least, to top off the accessory department, I paired this dress with classic hoops. Once again, another interchangeable piece from this outfit. 

I hope this blog gave other shopaholics out there hope. It's easy to find outfits under $75 and once you get a good base going, you will be to mix and match pieces from your collection with other items. As always, our website is open 24/7 whenever you get that urge to SHOP

If you have any further questions, please contact us at 803.980.4171. 



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