5 Dresses That Would Look Perfect at Graduation

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Posted on May 01 2017

by Catherine Lowe

Congrats grad, you did it!!

Over the last 4 years, you've worked incredibly hard. After many late nights of studying and numerous coffee runs, it's time to celebrate because you just finished school! That's the best feeling in the world.

Since you're graduating soon, you might be looking for a new super cute dress to wear under your gown. Look no further, we've definitely got you covered here at Page 6! We have many new dresses that you'll absolutely fall in love with and that will look perfect underneath that black gown of yours.

1. Wrapped In Rubies Dress - $42

2. Apple Of My Eyelet Off-The-Shoulder Dress - $42

3. Skylar Denim Off-The-Shoulder Dress - $42

4. Coral Reef Ruffle Dress - $39

5. Catch Me At The Beach Halter Dress - $39

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