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March 22, 2017


7 Floral Outfits You Definitely Need in Your Closet This Spring

by Catherine Lowe

Funky patterns, bright colors, and flowers oh my! It’s spring time!

Are you having trouble with finding some new affordable outfits that won’t kill your wallet?

Just like Miranda Priestly sarcastically says in The Devil Wears Prada, you actually can’t go wrong with florals during the spring season. Whether it be a cute romper, a fun and flirty dress, or just a breezy blouse, you’re definitely going to want to add some of our new floral arrivals to your closet.

With these cute outfits, you can totally wear these anywhere. Whether you’re walking to class, attending your next sorority function, or even going out on a fancy date.

Here at Page 6, we are a little obsessed with all things fashionable and most importantly, affordable. Our newest items are literally ~perfection~ and they definitely won’t break the bank. We couldn’t imagine you living without them! With our newest arrivals, you are sure to be the main topic of your next function in some super trendy Page 6 wear.

We’ve chosen our top 7 picks that you need to add to your closet ASAP!

1. Sunny Side Floral Tank - $34.99

2. Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Floral Swing Dress - $39.99

3. Blushing Blooms Floral Romper - $44.99

4. Peter Piper Floral Button Down Tank - $48

5. Sun Dance Shorts - $32

6. Blue Dream Floral Romper - $42

7. Chasing Daylight Floral Romper - $39.99

March 17, 2017


Time to Get Lucky With Page 6

by Catherine Lowe

Bring out your green clothing and make sure you get a kiss today because it's St. Patrick's Day! Here at Page 6, we're doing a lot to celebrate this fun Irish holiday. For one, we're doing a 17% off sale at the store and online so make sure you head on over to to score some awesome deals on super cute clothing!

In order for you to look your absolute best, we've showcased our favorite Patty's Day themed outfits and accessories so you to look festive when you're celebrating today! Make sure to check out our picks below!
Seychelles Jaunt Taupe Suede Wedges - $130
Eliana Mini Beaded Choker Necklace - $17.50
The Necessity Top Sage - $36
Kansan Mid Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans - $46
Salt Water Off-The-Shoulder Striped Dress - $39.99
TOMS Majorca Mule - $98
Cork Clutch - $28



March 16, 2017


Must-Have Spring Break Items

by Catherine Lowe 


The weather is getting warmer and you know what that means, ladies! After an insanely long winter and a great deal of stress from school or work, it’s definitely time for you to get some much-needed vitamin sea.


For those of you who are traveling somewhere tropical this break, we’ve totally got you covered! Here at Page 6, we have picked out some of our favorite items that definitely need to be on your “must-have” list! Perfect for the white sandy beaches in Florida, these fun and spunky outfits will surely upgrade your Insta theme so you can look and feel confident while you’re sipping on a few cocktails with your girlfriends by the water.


Color, color, color!

Focus on bright and fun color this spring break, ladies. We want you to look your absolute best and we want you to shine. Hot pink, lime green and bright blues are just a few examples of what we want to see you wearing on the beach.


Sunny Pineapple
With this Pineapple Off-the-Shoulder top, you will surely turn heads and be the center of attention in this! For $39.99, this top looks absolutely stunning with white pants and tan wedges! 


What the Flock?!
This SUPER cute What the Flock Flamingo Romper, will look absolutely perfect for your next vacate. You're able to snack this adorable romper for $44.99 and the hot pink Alba Yarn Earrings for $20.



Time to Get Tassel Crazy!
You'll definitely be in paradise with this super fun Tassels In Paradise Necklace. Snag this super fun accessory for $30.


Make sure to follow us on Instagram @page6boutique and visit our website so you can snag all of these fun items!



December 14, 2016

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FALLin' For These Favorites


The much awaited day has FINALLY arrived!! If you're like me, then Fall is 100% your absolute favorite season. There really is just so much to l-o-v-e! The weather becomes more favorable - chilly mornings and humidity-free, warm afternoons. Trees exchange their brilliant green hues for rich shades of red, orange, and yellow. Outdoor activities such as football games, bonfires, camping, festivals, and fairs become major focal points of every weekend. So let's bring on all things pumpkin-spiced, chilly weather, and of course phenomenal Fall fashion!   

"Be in awe of your autumn outfits!"  

P E A C E  O U T  S U M M E R ! ! There is no better way to welcome Fall than to let those shoulders loose in one of my favorite trending styles! Off-the-shoulder tops are super transitional and extremely versatile pieces that should be found in every wardrobe this season. So let's be honest... As much as we'd all love for the first day of Fall to equal automatic chilly weather, it just doesn't happen that way - especially if you live in the southern states. Well ladies, you're in luck! These tops come in a variety of fabrics, as well as different sleeve lengths including short sleeve, 3/4 length, and long sleeve. Create infinite outfit combinations with your off-the-shoulder tops by just adding your favorite distressed or colored denim. BAM, the perfect Fall look!      

Hip-hip-hooray for leggings and cardigans! These two pieces will be an absolute staple for your Fall wardrobe! I know I can't get enough of either one! Pair these two babies with any combination of tops: rich colored Piko's, fabulous floral boho tops, and of course we can't forget the beloved plaid tunics. But don't forget to add this finishing touches!! A long statement necklace and booties are an absolute must to complete your phenomenal Fall look!   

T-shirt dress anyone?! Suede anyone?! YES to both please! Z-supply has seriously outdone themselves once again by creating this ultra luxurious suede t-shirt dress. This one dress lends itself to so many outfits it's incredible. Pair with a stunning beaded necklace and booties for a more sophisticated look. BUT since I'm a 90's child, my favorite combination requires three additional pieces:
1. The perfect plaid button down
2. A trendy choker
3. Converse - Chuck Taylors 
Tie that plaid button down around your waist, pop that choker on, and lace those sneakers up - you've got yourself an awesome Fall {throwback} outfit!

Let's talk scarves for a hot sec. Scarves are no longer just a want but an absolute need. You can take a simple, basic piece and create your Fall go-to combo with just the simple addition of a scarf. The best things about this darling accessory: it adds a pop of color to any outfit. { L-O-V-E <3 } We tend to become boring and drab when the weather cools off, but not this year! Your closet will have a brilliant collection of marvelously colored scarves. Your basics are calling and you're answering!   

"Ogres are like onions. They have layers." -- SHREK

We should all be a little more like Shrek this Fall and add on the layers!! There is no better layering piece than the vest. These babies give you an extra layer of warmth while still allowing you to display your fabulous top underneath. In my book, that's an outfit no brainer. Vests can also add a little extra flair and sass to any outfit. They come in many different styles, colors, and textures. Pair a solid colored vest with a stunning Fall floral for a boho chic outfit. Conversely, pair a plaid patterned baby with a solid colored sweater for the ultimate bonfire look. Versatile and warm: check!  

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  So the moral of the story is: invest in the basics - off-the-shoulder tops, leggings, cardigans, t-shirt dresses, scarves, and fun vests - to create a wide variety of breathtaking Fall outfits. You'll continue to find stunning combinations with each and every darling piece!    




October 31, 2016


From '90s to NOW: The Choker Necklace

C A L L I N G   A L L   9 0 s   B A B E S ! !

Let's take a walk down memory lane!

{{ BEWARE: Strong feelings of N O S T A L G I A will most certainly occur! }}


-- JT and Britney Spears were a couple?

-- Lizzie McGuire, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were somewhere on your weekly TV lineup?


-- And that you desperately wanted to be "Taylor Vaughan" in She's All That or Alicia Silverstone as "Cher" in Clueless


BUT WAIT A MINUTE! What do all of these 90s super stars have in common? L O O K C L O S E L Y and you will find that all of these lovely ladies completed their outfit with none other than a CHOKER necklace.  
Now if you're like me, then the above exclamation ran through your head. I honestly couldn't believe it when this style suddenly popped up again. Memories of stretchy "tattoo" chokers and hemp puka shell chokers immediately flooded my mind - followed by a little giggle. My next thought: THIS TREND IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!
As much as we loved those 90s chokers, they've fortunately been upgraded! And I must say, the upgrades are super chic and feminine with the perfect amount of edge.
Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift are all slaying the choker game.
okay laides, now lets get in formation, cause i slay
The ladies of Page 6, being the purveyors of style that they are, found YOU the best of the best! Oh yes - so many chokers, so little time!
To shop these looks and more, simply click here!
>< {} >< {} >< {} >< {} >< {} >< {} >< {} >< {} >< {} >< {} >< {} >< {} >< {} >< {} >< {} ><
So the moral of the story is: save those iconic pieces that are super popular - whether that be accessories or clothing - because you might just find yourself wearing it again 20 years later! 



October 31, 2016




"Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story." - Mason Cooley

Alright ladies, HalloWEEKEND is upon us - woot woot!! But don't stress if you're feeling a little unprepared. I'm here to help you #HalloWIN this weekend! I've pulled together the cutest last minute DIY costume that requires little to no effort! I know exactly what you're thinking - and nope! It's absolutely N-O-T the basic black cat. So consider your costume dilemma covered! But what about the "treat" you're supposed to bring to that party? Yup, I've thought of that too! So here's to a fabulous HalloWEEKEND!  


As promised, your last minute Halloween costume is going far beyond the basic black cat! Now I've thought long and hard about what every female of every age would have in her closet. My result: FLANNEL! {Pssst... If you don't have one, your husband, boyfriend, significant other, or brother is bound to have one hidden in his closet somewhere!} Now we all know that flannel is trending this Fall, so why not show off your fav flannel? How, you ask?! Dress up as an adorable SCARECROW! 

1. Face paint // Make-up
3. Felt Hat // Accessories


Face paint and a hint of make-up is an absolute must for this costume! Just hop on over to your local drug store, Target, or Wally World to grab a basic face painting kit. Don't forget a black eyeliner pencil and any shade of metallic bronze eyeshadow for details and an extra pop!


Apply face paint and make-up in layers. Begin by applying the peach colored paint on your cheeks and nose. Let this dry fully before layering on your chosen shade of metallic bronze eyeshadow. This gives your painted cheeks more definition and a shimmery, yet matte, finish. Finally, use an eyeliner pencil to draw on the finishing details - your stitched mouth and stitched nose. 

It's FLANNEL time! Grab your favorite flannel and pop that baby on!  

 To complete your outfit - grab a felt hat, straw hat, or any hat for that matter and accessorize with some decorative straw!

VUALA!! Last minute Halloween costumer complete!


Sour Gummy Worm Jello Shots
This recipe is super simple and has that extra little Halloween flare that will make everyone attending your party of choice oooh and aaah!
1 package sour gummy worms
1 (3 oz) package Blue Lagoon Jello gelatin
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup Sprite
1 cup Raspberry vodka
- Add Jell-O mix to 3/4 cup boiling water
- Stir until completely dissolved
- Add 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup Sprite, stir.
- Pour into 2 oz plastic shot glasses. (Leave some space for a gummy worm on top)
- Chill until Jello is about half set and add a gummy worm. (If you add it too early, it will fall to the bottom. Make sure the Jello can support the worm)
- Chill until firm


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So the moral of the story is: breathe, and enjoy your HalloWEEKEND! Eat, drink, and be scary ;)



October 31, 2016


The Boho Chic Trend

{BOHO} Vibes

Peace Hippie
Source: Pinterest 
Hey fashionistas! If you have been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the fashion trends, you've realized that 'boho chic' is taking the fashion world by storm. From stylish clothes to unique accessories, we've seen the hottest A-list celebs decked out in their free spirit clothes. Here at Page 6, we could not be more inspired. We are all about the boho vibes these days without question! To view this segment on E! Online about Celebrity Boho Chic Style, click here

Celeb Boho Style 

Source: Source: New York Girl Style
Our girl, the flawless Vanessa Hudgens might just be the perfect person to embody what it truly means to have a boho chic style. Crop top? Check. Frayed jean shorts? Check. Booties? Triple Check. All of these items definitely embody the boho aspect of this trend and the floppy hat is the perfect amount of 'chic.' Go you Vanessa!! What more could you ask for out of the ultimate boho chic look? 
Kendall and Kylie Coachella
Source: Pinterest 
Above, dynamic duo and sisters, Kendall and Kylie show off their boho sides at Coachella. For celebs, Coachella is the ultimate musical festive so it's only right to attend wearing the latest trends. Coachella has also been known as the 'new Woodstock.' Model, Kendall Jenner chose to wear boho printed flare pants and a long sleeve, off the shoulder white crop top. To complete her look, she chose to add a statement necklace. Here at Page 6, we couldn't think of a better way for her to pull this look off. We are absolutely in love. Her sister, socialite and businesswoman, Kylie is shown on the right. Kylie is wearing a graphic tee, jean cut offs, a floppy hat, and knee high boots. And how could we forget her studded fanny pack?! Overall, both of these girls showed the huge range style that falls into the boho chic category and there is something to suit everyone! 
Nicole Richie Boho Chic Maxi
Source: Pinterest 
Above, fashion designer and actress, Nicole Richie is showing us a side of boho chic we adore. Richie is one of the ultimate boho babes and this white maxi definitely confirms that statement! Whether its the flowy silhouette or her fabulous bangle bracelets and headband, she rocked this look. Her chic side came into play with the layered statement necklaces and we L O V E the fashion risk she took with this one because it's not something you typically see everyday. 
Alessandra Ambrosio Boho Chic Style
Source: Daily Mail 
How perfect is this casual look?! Model and actress, Alessandra Ambrosio paired her aztec printed fringe kimono with a white layered crop top and flare jeans. We definitely get those boho vibes from a look this great. And our Just Black Distressed Flare jeans are very similar to the ones Ambrosio is wearing! Fringe is definitely a go when trying to embody the boho chic trend as are kimonos. 

What is Boho Chic? 

The boho chic style has evolved from bohemian and hippie influences from celebs. This trend really broke way in 2005 when Kate Moss and the Olsen Twins began to take this style to the streets and embody this trend fully! 
Source: Fashion Gum
Above, supermodel Kate Moss is shown rocking her boho chic style in 2005. This trend was still fairly new at the time however, she could not have made it look any better. Moss is wearing a flowy white sundress with eyelet embroidery. Her belt, which definitely has ties in the bohemian aspect of this look is a nice addition to give this piece some shape. Strappy brown leather sandals complete her look! 
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Boho Chic
Source: Fan Pop
 Above, the Olsen Sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley, are shown wearing their version of 2005 boho chic. Check out this Instagram dedicated to the twins style here. On the left, Mary Kate is shown wearing a shift dress in an olive green color. Her gold bangle bracelets provide that bohemian flair and her Louboutins and oversized metallic handbag provide just the right amount of chic. Ashley is shown on the right wearing a cream colored shift dress. This silhouette mimics the baggier trend boho pieces tend to follow. Ashley played in the chic factor with her patent Louboutins and sparkly gold clutch. 

Then vs. Now 

Although this trend is essentially the same, today's boho chic vibes are filled with more floral, lace, crochet, embroidered, and flowy fabrics than ever before. Boho chic is all about effortless beauty but sometimes, that can be the hardest look to master. Luckily at Page 6, we're got you covered with some fabulous pieces to make this style a little easier. 

Boho Chic Page 6 Style

Like I said, we are ALL about the boho vibes these days. But hey, you can't blame us! Who doesn't want to look great and feel even better?! Below, you'll find some of our favorite boho pieces. And if these don't satisfy your free spirit, to shop our entire Boho Chic Collection, click here
Mustard Top and Jean Shorts Flat Lay
How chic is this flatlay?! We absolutely love the vibes this beautiful out gives off. Featured above, we have our mustard yellow top called 'Marigold Memories' paired with our distressed jean shorts by Just USA. The frayed hemline of these shorts contrasts perfectly with a black tassel necklace. And our strappy BC Footwear 'Boxer' Sandals are the perfect finishing touch. We simply adore this look and paired with a floppy hat, we definitely feel like we are channeling our inner Vanessa Hudgens.
Blush Pink Lace Tank
This outfit is perfect for those of you who are not quite sold on the boho chic look. This blush pink tank, called the 'Blushing Lace Boho Tank' has just the right amount of 'boho' with the lace detailing adorning the entire piece. The silhouette of this number is also very flowy, which definitely fits it into the category. We paired this tank with our 'Just Black Distressed Fray' skinny jeans by Just Black USA for the perfect amount of chic. Complete this look with a pink tassel necklace. 

{SHOP} our entire website at or feel free to give us a call at 803.980.4171, we are always happy to help! <3

As always, Much Love! 
Claire XO
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