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June 19, 2017


4 Affordable Hair Products You Need to Use This Summer

by Catherine Lowe

It's that time of year again ladies!

Summer is a tricky time because not only does the sun bleach your hair color, but the salt can dry it out. While you're enjoying a well-deserved break from school and laying by the pool or beach, make sure to try these amazing products so you can have shiny and healthy hair. 

1. Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray 

You can find this spray at any store that sells hair products. Typically ranging around $5, the sea salt spray will give you naturally beachy hair curls and it's for all hair types! Spray it in your hair and scrunch it with your hands and you'll be good to go! 

2. Batiste Tropical Coconut & Exotic Spray Dry Shampoo

You are definitely going to need this product. Great for any type of hair, the spray eliminates the oils and grease from your hair, giving it a freshly showered look to your locks. This product ranges around $6. Trust me, it's definitely worth it!

3. John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects Serum

You're definitely going to need this product to tame that awful summer hair frizz! The ingredients in the product blocks all frizz from forming and it will leave your hair looking silky and smooth!

4. Alterna Haircare Bamboo Beach 1 Minute Recovery Masque

This product is absolutely perfect to put on your hair after a long day in the sun. Perfect for all types of hair, your hair will be deeply conditioned and treated from the sun damage.

June 07, 2017


Make Sure to Enter Our Best Friend Giveaway for BFF Day!

by Catherine Lowe

"Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates, and guys are just people to have fun with."

-Charlotte York, Sex and the City

Just like Charlotte's famous words, our girlfriends will always and forever be the best of friends and our soulmates. Here at Page 6, we are all about the girl power and we know that there's nothing like the love that is shared between a set of girlfriends!

Drum roll please...

In honor of National Best Friend Day, we are giving away TWO $50 gift cards to our online store,! In order to enter, make sure to check out our latest post on our Facebook page here. 

There are only a few steps you must complete in order to enter your name. All you have to do is:

1. Like and share this photo
2. Tag your bestie

That's all!

Don't you and your bestie want to win some awesome products? Enter our contest!

Deadline to enter is Sunday June 11 at 11:59 p.m.!

June 07, 2017


Check Out These Awesome Donut Deals in the Charlotte Area

by Catherine Lowe

Happy National Donut Day everyone!

If you haven't celebrated this iconic and probably the most important holiday yet, don't worry because we know exactly where you need to go in the Charlotte area to score some awesome donut deals. Since it's Friday and you obviously have to treat yourself, start by going to our top picks for your tasty treats for some awesome deals.

Trust us, the long lines are ~totally~ worth it.

1. Dunkin Donuts
DEAL: Free donut with ANY beverage purchase. 

2. Krispy Kreme
DEAL: Free donut when you visit any store.

3. Duck Donuts - Charlotte
DEAL: Free donut with any purchase AND any receipts printed on Donut Day will get a coupon for “Buy One Get One Free 1/2 Dozen," which is redeemable Mon thru Wed until Aug. 31.

4. Suarez Bakery - Charlotte
DEAL: All donuts are BOGO. 

Here's to taking the most beautiful donut Instas! 



May 26, 2017


5 Memorial Day Outfits You HAVE to Have

 by Catherine Lowe

Happy Memorial Day from all of us here at Page 6!

As you all know, this weekend is not just about barbecues and spending time with your friends at the beach. Memorial Day is a time to take notice and pay tribute to the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom.

That being said, are you heading to a fun cookout to celebrate all of what our soldiers have done? Don't have any patriotic attire? Don't worry, we've got you covered here at Page 6. We have plenty of red, white and blue clothing pieces for you to choose from! Check out our top pics for Memorial Day, below!

1. Sail Away With Me Off-The-Shoulder Top - $36

2. Barcelona Breeze Off-The-Shoulder Top $42

3. Borrowed & Blue Off-The-Shoulder Dress $42

 4. Saltwater Taffy Ruffle Dress - $39.99

 5. Here For The Fiesta Floral Dress - $42

May 18, 2017


Our Fave New Arrivals Are Finally Here!

by Catherine Lowe

If you've been keeping up with our website, then you've noticed that we have ~tons~ of new fun summer arrivals that we've recently added. Since the temps are heating up and summer is right around the corner, our new statement pieces will totally get you in the mood for celebrating that much-needed summer break! 

From lemon patterned off-the-shoulder blouses, to colorful tassel earrings, here at Page 6 you'll definitely stay trendy with our fabulous new pieces.

If you're obsessed with bright and fun colors like me, then you'll notice that most of our new arrivals are nothing but colors and fun patterns. Get out of your comfort zone of plain colored t-shirt tops and dresses and pick up some of our fave new picks on the site today!

1. Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Off-The-Shoulder Top$38.00

When life gives you lemons {on a top}, then pair it with super cute skinnies and slap on a smile! Available in white and navy, this super cute off-the-shoulder blouse is ~perfect~ for summer! We literally can't even with this top. 

2. Barcelona Breeze Off-The-Shoulder Top$42.00

We are obsessing over this super cute white and comfy off-the-shoulder blouse! You'll definitely want this in your closet and you'll look super trendy at your next girls night out or date night!

3. Beach Bum Earrings - $12.50

Available in all types of different colors, we can't believe how much these beach bum earrings remind us of the beach! Make sure to snag these in blue, pink or white ombre colors!

4. Heartbreaker Pleated Romper - $48

Get ready to break some hearts in this super trendy pleated romper. Perfect for your next night on the town, this outfit will not only make you feel good but will also make you look good! Make sure to add this cute outfit to your shopping cart!

5. Endless Garden Maxi Dress - $44

We're going absolutely crazy over this endless garden maxi dress! Not only is it insanely comfy, but it's perfect and stylish for those hot summer days! 

6. Stop and Smell the Roses Lace Up Top - $42

We are absolutely obsessing over this insanely cute lace up top! You'll want to stop and smell the roses while you're wearing this for your next Insta shot because this top is just too cute for words!

May 12, 2017


4 Gifts That Mom Will Absolutely Love

by Catherine Lowe

It's almost Mother's Day and your mom deserves the absolute best! Here are Page 6, we want to help you figure out the ~perfect~ gift for mom for her special day. We have tons of new arrivals online and we couldn't be more excited to share these awesome products with you! 

Here are our favorite items that we think mom will love!

1. Back Pocket Dangle Earrings - $11.50

Check out these super cute earrings that will add a pop of color to her ears! These small dangle earrings are simple and tasteful and she can definitely wear them with anything.

2. In The Cut Perforated Tassel Clutch - $47

This clutch can be dressed up or dressed down. This would look perfect at brunch with your mom this Sunday! She can take this accessory with her wherever she goes, whether it be a fun girls day out or dinner with dad!

3. Vanity Fair Bracelet - $14

Your mom will absolutely love this Vanity Fair bracelet. It adds a little sparkle to her wrist and it will shine anywhere she goes.

4. Extra Glitter Stud Earrings - $7.50

Who doesn't love pink and sparkles? Mom will absolutely love these super cute stud earrings that will make any outfit pop! 

May 03, 2017


Best Restaurants In Rock Hill/Fort Mill to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

by Catherine Lowe

If you aren't wanting to host a party on Cinco de Mayo, I suggest you check out these super delicious Mexican restaurants in the Fort Mill and Rock Hill area. These places will most likely have some sort of margarita or food deal for you to choose from and the good news is that all of these places are absolutely delicious! Check out our top choices for your next fiesta.

1. El Cancun - Rock Hill, SC

You'll definitely want to check out this famous Rock Hill joint! Famous among the Winthrop and Rock Hill community, El Cancun is known for their large margaritas and delicious queso. Even though Cinco de Mayo is on a Friday this year, you'll definitely want to head there on a Thursday night where their margaritas are half off. They even sometimes have a mariachi band!

2. Charanda Mexican Grill and Cantina - Fort Mill/Rock Hill, SC

Located in both Rock Hill and Fort Mill, Charanda Mexican Grill is known for their super fun sombreo birthday celebrations and their delicious food. Whenever I had gone there, I have always waited in a long line because the food is just that good! Make sure to check out this place on Friday because there will surely be a good deal!

3. Taqueria La Unica - Fort Mill, SC

Located in the beautiful town of Fort Mill, Taqueria La Unica is known for their fresh food and fun atmosphere. Customers love their friendly staff who really treats you well and makes sure you are fed. You can find one in Uptown Charlotte as well as Fort Mill.

4. El Molcajete - Rock Hill, SC

Located on Mt Gallant Road, El Molcajete is a family known restaurant where they will serve you fast and serve you delicious food. Customers love the friendly atmosphere and authenticity of the Hispanic menu items. Make sure to check out this location if you're looking to celebrate a night out on Cinco de Mayo!

5. Los Aztecas - Fort Mill, SC

Located on Charlotte highway, Los Aztecas is known for their super cheap margaritas and delicious Hispanic food. Customers love the authentic food and amazing ambiance within the restaurant and usually go there for lunch deals! Make sure to check out their $2.99 marg deals!

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