Holiday Outfit Guide

Holiday Outfit Guide

So, it is that time of year. You likely got invited to a handful of holiday parties where you know that your outfit game better be on point or you will have to wait another year to redeem yourself. Thankfully, we got you covered. Wether you want to slay in something sexy or look classy and sophisticated... you don't have to look any further. We have selected a few outfits that we think will set you apart and leave you rockin' around the Christmas tree! 


1. Flirt Alert Off-the-Shoulder Dress - $55.00

This Dress will have you channeling Audrey Hepburn. I mean they don't say "lady in red" for nothing, right? 

2. Clair Sequin Top - $80.00

Clair is our go to girl. She's a one shoulder top with champagne sequin and an extra ruffle for good measure. She looks best with our Spanx leggings and l some statement earrings and heels! 

3. Holiday Honey Romper - $64.99

If one of your ex's is at said holiday party, you may want to rock this number. It's got gorgeous lace detailing with scalloped hemline and is TO DIE FOR. 

4. Festive Feather Dress - $79.99

Need we say more about this sassy spin on a LBD? You'll be feelin' yoself, for sure. 

5. Emerald City Velvet Dress - $79.99 

Do you want those other office girls to be green with envy? This velvet maxi will definitely do the trick. Depending on where your soiree is, you can pair with with an oversized  jacket to show stop. 

Now.. get to scheming! Until December 22nd, we are giving you a $20 Page 6 e-giftcard for every $100 spent so if you can't decide which look to rock, get them both! Happy shopping and more importantly, Happy Holidays ladies! 


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